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Catch up on YOUR time by clicking the link below. Each episode also has show notes that include websites mentioned and quick timecode references for each topic covered.

  • EPISODE 1: Renter’s Rights > Amy and Ryan Marquez of the University of Houston Center for Consumer Law cover a lot of ground as they tackle topics important to renters in Houston and across Texas. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 2: Electricity Rates > Amy discusses electricity rates and how you can save when it comes time to review, renew, or change your energy provider. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 3: Protesting Property Taxes > Amy breaks down how to protest your property tax evaluations in an in-depth discussion with Michael Berlanga, owner of Resolutions Now, a San Antonio-based real estate business. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 4: Saving on Homeowner’s Insurance > Amy talks about how to cut costs on your homeowner’s insurance while still protecting your property. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 5: Outrageous Water Bills > Amy’s guest is a man who sued the City of Houston over an outrageous water bill and won. Hear how he did it. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 6: Medicare 101 > Amy and a representative from the Houston-Galveston Area Agency on Aging dive into what we need to know about Medicare benefits. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 7: Student Loan Forgiveness > Amy Davis has everything you need to know about the new student loan forgiveness program with Andrea Robayo from The College Money Guys. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 8: Costco vs Sam’s Club > Amy joins producer Andrea Slaydon to talk about the secret savings at membership bulk buying stores. Find out how to score cashback and get the best deals. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 9: Cryptocurrency 101 > From the types of crypto to buying bitcoin and how to avoid scams, Amy Davis and expert Clayton Rawlings explain everything you need to know about cryptocurrency. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 10: Home Warranty help > We are getting answers to your questions about home warranty companies. Investigator Mario Diaz also joins Amy to talk about how other states hold home warranty companies accountable. Plus, Mario gives some first-hand advice for dealing with these companies. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 11: Viewer questions answered > You asked and Amy has answers! From flood insurance to questions about a door-to-door electric company salesperson, Amy, and producer Andrea Slaydon have answers to a few top questions sent to (show notes)
  • EPISODE 12: Medicare Open Enrollment 101 > Medicare open enrollment begins October 15th and plans are now available for preview. Amy talks with Alex Rischan from the Houston-Galveston Area Agency on Aging about the best way to shop for Medicare, what to look for, and the new savings you will find. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 13: Your rights in your HOA > Homeowners’ rights attorney David Kahne discusses issues homeowners advocates plan to present to the Texas Legislature in January to hold HOAs accountable. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 14: How the BBB helps with consumer issues >Hear from Better Business Bureau President Dan Parsons about using the BBB to get help with issues you are having with a company or business. You’ll learn the review process, how complaints are handled, how the company ratings are scored, and why some businesses get kicked out. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 15: Protecting your property > Amy talks with HPD Sgt. Tracy Hicks about protecting your vehicle in Houston. Learn why some vehicles are easier to steal and what you can do to keep your vehicle/property safe. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 16: DRAINED: Water bill issues in Houston > Amy Davis and producer Andrea Slaydon talk about the series of water bill stories the team is working on. You’ll also hear from the new Public Works Director, Carol Haddock about why so many meter readings are wrong on your bills and what is being done to fix the problem. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 17: Still DRAINED: See full Investigative series on water bill issues in Houston > We are taking a look at the entire KPRC 2 Investigates series on the City of Houston water department. Investigator Amy Davis led our team on the ‘DRAINED’ series as we looked into issues from outstanding huge bills to brown water. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 18: Shop and save for the holidays > Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are behind us! The holiday shopping season is now. But we know things are more expensive this year. Producer Andrea Slaydon and reporter Bill Spencer join to talk about new ways and places to shop to help save some money. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 19: New ways thieves are targeting senior citizens > Thieves work overtime to target everyone, but especially our aging parents. From free health screenings to calls about medical devices or easy part-time jobs - Jennifer Salazar, Executive Director of The Better Business Bureau Education Foundation, explains what you need to know to avoid falling victim. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 20: “Ways 2 Save” End-of-year money moves to make now > We are all looking for ways to save money both at the end of 2022 and in 2023. Alan Pruitt of Pruitt Prep CPA joins Amy Davis to talk about things you can do right now to set yourself up for end-of-year taxes. Plus, how to best prepare yourself to save more money in 2023. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 21: Consumer warnings for the new year > From scams that drain your bank account to thieves that use the mail to target entire neighborhoods, 2022 has been a busy year and we have been on top of it. Investigator Amy Davis wraps up some of the warnings and alerts from 2022 that you should still be aware of as we go into 2023. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 22: Consumer alerts related to your bills > From vehicle ID theft to huge electricity bills, or phone service issues, inconvenient issues like this can happen to anyone. Amy Davis has a few consumer-related stories from 2022 that can help you feel prepared for 2023. (show notes)
  • EPISODE 23: How to get the best price on a car in this crazy market! > The car market is crazy right now! We are helping you score the lowest price on a new car. Learn the secret way dealerships get you to pay more money. Mike Rumple, Your Car Buying Advocate, explains that there is a very specific process that people who get the best deals are using. (show notes)

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