Ask Amy show notes: Home warranty Q&A

Free home warranty issue help, companies with top complaints

We are getting answers to your questions about home warranty companies. Investigator Mario Diaz also joins Amy to talk about how other states hold home warranty companies accountable. Plus, Mario gives some first hand advice for dealing with these companies.

Your concerns and complaints about home warranty companies are something we hear a lot about here at KPRC2 News. Investigator Amy Davis wanted to look into some of your top questions and get answers for this week’s Ask Amy episode.

She’s also joined with Investigative reporter Mario Diaz. He looked into how other states are holding home warranty companies accountable. Hear from Mario about this and also advice from his first-hand experience filing claims with a home warranty company.

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Websites mentioned in this episode

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Free help to deal with home warranty issues

Mario’s investigation into home warranty companies

Questions to ask before choosing a home warranty company

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2:15 what if home warranty will only pay for part of the repair quote

4:12 home warranty companies with most complaints

6:00 your best defense if you are told something is not covered by home warranty

8:15 but what if you have to wait weeks or months for repairs?

10:46 Investigative reporter Mario Diaz talks about what other states are doing to protect consumers dealing with home warranty issues

14:55 How home warranty has paid off for Mario

16:35 tips from Mario dealing with a home warranty company

18:35 new homes / used homes and home warranties

21:13 how to negotiate with a home warranty company

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