Facebook loses court fight over halting EU-US data transfers

Facebook has lost a legal battle with Ireland’s data privacy watchdog over a European Union privacy decision that could result in the social network being forced to stop transferring data to the U.S. The Irish High Court on Friday rejected Facebook’s bid to block a draft decision by the country’s Data Protection Commission to inquire into, and order the suspension of, the company’s data flows between the European Union and the U.S. The Irish watchdog had launched its inquiry last year...

Facebook-backed digital currency project Diem shifts to US

A once-ambitious Facebook-backed digital currency project — formerly known as Libra, now called Diem — is shifting operations from Switzerland to the U.S. and announced it plans to launch a cryptocurrency tied to the U.S. dollar.

Biden signs order to beef up federal cyber defenses

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order meant to strengthen U.S. cybersecurity defenses in response to a series of headline-grabbing hacking incidents that highlight how vulnerable the country’s public and private sectors are to high-tech spies and criminals operating from half a world away.

Tech audit of Colonial Pipeline found 'glaring' problems

The author of a 3-year-old audit of the pipeline company hit by a cyberattack threatening East Coast fuel supplies has told The Associated Press that he found “atrocious” information management practices and “a patchwork of poorly connected and secured systems."

German watchdog bans Facebook from processing WhatsApp data

A German privacy regulator banned Facebook on Tuesday from gathering data on WhatsApp users, citing an update to its privacy policy that breaches stringent European data protection rules by allowing access to a lot more information on the chat app’s users.

String of satellites baffles residents, bugs astronomers

A string of lights that lobbed across the night sky in parts of the United States over three nights earlier this week had callers frantically calling TV stations from Texas to Wisconsin and speculating that a fleet of UFOs was coming.