Ask Amy show notes: Protecting your property

Amy Davis talks with HPD Sgt. Tracy Hicks about protecting your vehicle in Houston. Learn the most common types of vehicles being stolen right now in Houston, why some vehicles are easier to steal, and what you can do to keep your vehicle/property safe. Sgt. Hicks also explains how heat-resistant paint can help catch catalytic converter thieves.

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Houston Auto Theft Division

Best way to fill out a burglary of a motor vehicle report

Sgt Hicks shows how to protect vehicle

Episode timecodes for specific topics

1:26 Types of vehicles stolen now. Why the way they are stealing vehicles is changing

2:00 What makes a vehicle easier to steal

4:30 Things you can do to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen

8:00 Insurance discount if you have an alarm

10:00 Tailgates and lights are also being stolen - why?

12:34 Why are catalytic converters so popular?

15:00 Why certain vehicles are more popular for catalytic converter thefts

18:00 Why do you use not just scratch ID number on the catalytic converter, but also spray paint it with high-temperature paint

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