Ask Amy show notes: New tricky ways thieves are targeting senior citizens

Thieves work overtime to target anyone, but especially our aging parents. From free health screenings to calls about medical devices or easy part-time jobs - Jennifer Salazar, Executive Director of The Better Business Bureau Education Foundation, explains what you need to know to avoid falling victim. Plus, advice on how to talk with your aging parents about staying safe. And - how a healthcare tracker may help you stay safe and what to do the minute you find out you’ve been had.

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Helpful websites and KPRC links

BBB Education Foundation number: 888-341-6187

BBB Education Foundation

Health tracker info (or call the BBB)

BBB check charity

How to recognize mail fraud

Area Agency on Aging

Kidnapping scam - known also as the “Grandparents scam”

Fake sale ads - often Medicare fraud

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1:00 Why seniors are often the targets of these scams

3:02 How robocalls are used to scam you even if you don’t say anything when you answer

5:30 What you should be telling our parents to keep them safe from scammers

5:55 Warning about friend requests on social media

7:45 how work from home scams are being used

8:08 How to check charities before you give

11:00 What is the Grandparent scam

12:55 One way scammers are using scare tactics to trick you

14:35 Senior Medicare patrol - 254 counties

16:00 Medicare fraud, how it starts

17:54 How scammers use medical devices

19:00 health care tracker (SMP)

20:00 Free medical test offers that could be scams

21:00 Should you attend free sessions offered by Medicare? Check it first!

22:00 How one woman fell for a scooter ad

24:41 What happens if you get into the wrong Medicare plan? What can you do?

25:30 What you should do the minute you realize you gave your information to the wrong person.

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