Ask Amy show notes: How the BBB helps you with consumer issues

You probably check reviews for just about everything, even when you have a problem. Hear from Better Business Bureau President Dan Parsons about using the BBB to get help with issues you are having with a company or business. You’ll learn the review process, how complaints are handled, how the company ratings are scored and why some businesses get kicked out.

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Website links mentioned in episode

Better Business Bureau

How to file a complaint with the BBB

BBB Scam Tracker - you can read and report a scam here

How to check charities

Tips for handling an issue on your own

For quick reference, you can scroll to these timecodes in the episode to hear a specific topic

3:00 How the BBB works, what the company does

5:00 Will the BBB give good ratings to people who pay? Just because you are a BBB member, you may still get a negative review

6:53 How a company is rated by the BBB

10:00 The process of being reviewed by the BBB

12:00 How the BBB works with companies

15:00 The best way to research a company using the BBB. Why some ratings are lower

19:00 How does BBB accreditation work?

22:00 When a business goes bad. How a company can lose membership

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