Ask Amy show notes: Costco vs Sam’s Club

Episode 8: Costco vs Sam’s Club - secrets to saving money

Find out how to score cashback and maximize your savings at bulk buying stores Costco and Sam's Club.

Amy Davis teams up with KPRC2 producer Andrea Slaydon to talk about saving money at membership clubs. You’ll learn some unique ways to save money at Costco and Sam’s club. Plus, ways you can shop without a membership and some things you might want to just skip.

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Sam’s Club

Brazos Insurance Company

5 simple ways to save money on your car insurance

For quick reference, you can scroll to these timecodes in the episode to hear a specific topic.

4:30 How to get cash back with Sam’s Club or Costco membership

8:08 car and homeowner’s insurance

10:55 shopping tires

12:00 Travel deals

14:25 Why buying gift cards is a good deal

18:30 AC unit

20:00 things you can buy without a membership.

24:00 Costco / Sam’s Club clothing deals

25:00 Things that may not be a good deal at membership clubs

Helpful KPRC links related to membership clubs/saving money

Creative ways 2 save with a discount club membership

Details about members-only car-buying programs

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