Ask Amy show notes: Ways 2 Save: End of year money moves to make now

We are all looking for ways to save money. Alan Pruitt of Pruitt Prep CPA joins Amy Davis to talk about things you can do right now to set yourself up for end of year taxes. Plus, how to best prepare yourself to save more money in 2023.

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1:00 what you can do now to save on taxes in 2023

2:39 How taking out money for 401K can help on taxable income

3:00 advanced child tax credit

4:25 Tax deductions - four things that can count for deductions. Medical expenses, state taxes (property tax for home and sales taxes), Mortgage interest, charitable deductions

8:21 How to know if you should make a charitable contribution to go over into new bracket

9:47 Can you write off closing costs for homes?

10:18 Why the Roth IRA is a Triple tax benefit (deadline is April 17 next year for full year taxes)

13:03 HSA Healthcare savings accounts.

14:36 HSA vs FSA, the difference for consumers

17:00 be prepared for smaller refunds this year. Why??

19:00 dependent care is good for daycare but also summer camps for older kids.

20:12 tax tips for small business owners

23:00 saving money tips for 2023

24:30 Budgeting trick to save money next year

25:00 Zero sum budget / Dave Ramsey plan

27:30 Elizabeth Warren 50-30-20 type of budget

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How to tell if a debt consolidation company is legit.

Free budgeting help from the FTC.

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