Ask Amy show notes: Bitcoin for beginners

Episode 9: How to start buying cryptocurrency, fraud warnings

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment and you might notice more companies are using this for common transactions. Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency. This is a whole new world and if you are interested in starting, there are a few things you should know.

Author and attorney Clayton Rawlings wrote the book “Bitcoin for Beginners.” He joins Amy Davis to share what he has learned in the process of buying and selling crypto.

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Websites mentioned in this episode

Coinbase - reputable site where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency? Latest crypto news.

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:50 why interested in bitcoin to start?

2:50 How buying bitcoin might help you

3:15 How to get started with bitcoin if you are interested

4:24 why can’t we just create more code to make more bitcoin?

5:55 can a crypto go bankrupt?

6:13 what to buy when you get started.

9:20 what is block chain?

10:12 How buying bitcoin works?

13:30 the breakdown of how bitcoin buying works

15:00 how a power plant helps explain how cryptocurrency works

16:22 How did cryptocurrency come about?

22:00 the future of cryptocurrency

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Make sure you are talking to a legit customer service rep

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