Ask Amy show notes: How to find the best deal on a new (or used) vehicle

The car market is crazy right now! We are helping you score the lowest price on a new car. Learn the secret way dealerships get you to pay more money. Mike Rumple, Your Car Buying Advocate, explains that there is a very specific process that people who get the best deals are using.

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3:44 Why going into the dealership is the wrong way to go about negotiating car prices.

7:00 What if the dealership says you have to go in person to get a quote. How to negotiate on the phone with a car salesperson. Mike explains what lines you can say to get the car dealer to negotiate on the phone with you.

10:00 What to do when you call a dealership to ask about quotes.

13:00 What if they tell you one thing on the phone and then something else when you walk in with the price ready to negotiate. What if they say that car is no longer available?

15:30 Don’t just negotiate the “sale price” when asking about vehicle prices. How to negotiate the deal in pieces. For example, leave a trade-in out of the deal at first.

18:00 What customers need to know about financing and saving money on the financing part of the car buying deal.

21:00 Credit application dos and don’ts when it comes to getting the best deal on a new car.

24:00 What if the dealership won’t allow outside financing? (So, if you find financing first and then go to dealership, they could tell you they can’t do the deal.)

25:00 How to get a better interest rate when shopping for a new vehicle.

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