20 bright moments that made 2020 worth surviving

One Good Thing: COVID-19 survivor who donated plasma meets recipient
One Good Thing: COVID-19 survivor who donated plasma meets recipient

The year 2020 was extremely difficult for a lot of us. From a pandemic to personal hardships, the constant reminders of social injustices and the unfortunate deaths of several notable people, 2020 brought a lot of frowns, but there were a few moments mixed in that made it worth the crazy ride.

Here are 20 moments that made 2020 worth surviving:

1. North Texas COVID-19 survivor who donated plasma meets recipient

One of the first North Texans to receive donated plasma from a COVID-19 survivor got to meet the man who made the life-saving gift.

2. Two friends born on the same day become fathers on the same day

History repeated itself in West Virginia. Two best friends who were born on the same day and at the same hospital found themselves back where it all started.

3. Minneapolis baker makes pies to spread love during difficult times

In Minneapolis, Rose McGee was on a mission. She and volunteers baked sweet potato comfort pies and delivered them to neighbors while offering a shoulder to cry on after Houston native George Floyd was killed.

4. 7-year-old puts prom party together for babysitter

A teenage girl in North Carolina couldn’t attend her high school prom because of the coronavirus, but she still had a special bash thrown just for her by a boy that she babysits.

5. Man helps 97-year-old woman who walked to food drive

A man and an elderly woman in Hawaii became good friends after he helped her get home from a food drive. She was one of the thousands of people in line for the largest “Show Aloha Challenge” Food Drive.

6. Teenager uses birthday to help feed the hungry in her community

This year, Kennedy McCormick, 14, came up with a virtual food drive complete with a piano recital from the birthday girl herself. her only request: donate to a charity of her choice.

7. Local student earns more than $1 million in scholarship offers from around the country

A local student turned heads after she earned over $1 million worth of scholarship offers from various universities around the country. Audrey Scott – who is also an actress, notably playing young Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec – is a graduating senior at the Texas Connections Academy, according to a news release.

8. Deputy stops for game of basketball with children, video goes viral

A deputy in Clay County, Florida, responded to a false alarm at a family’s home last week. Everyone said it all led to an experience they’ll never forget. It all started when a deputy showed up to Jarvis Smith’s home because of a call from ADT, which ended up being a mistake.

9. Orphaned brothers pay off home loan from donations

Thousands of people donated money to pay off a loan so three orphan brothers can stay in their house in Edison, New Jersey after they lost their mother.

10. Woman donates kidney to officer who arrested her several times

A drug user and a criminal just a few years ago, Jocelyn James says she didn’t care about anything in life. She was arrested more than 16 times, often by Officer Terrell Powers. But she eventually turned her life around, got sober, and one night when she was looking at Facebook, she saw a plea. Officer Powers was in need of a kidney.

11. 2 friends launch Happy Hour to bridge racial divide

A duo came together to create a Happy Hour that helps to bridge the racial divide. Two men named Marcus and Ben set up lawn chairs and invited the neighborhood to join them during the pandemic.

12. Deputy constable performs good deed by getting groceries for elderly woman in need

Deputy Galvan performed a good deed by buying groceried for an elderly woman who needed them.
Deputy Galvan performed a good deed by buying groceried for an elderly woman who needed them. (Courtesy of Mark Hermann, Harris County Precinct 4)

A Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable proved that his heart was bigger than his badge when he provided food and household items for a 90-year-old woman in desperate need.

13. Boy starts his own business to buy computer for online learning

A 12-year-old Nicaraguan boy started his own business to save money for a computer to attend online classes.

14. Woman pays it forward by bringing drinks for people standing in unemployment line

One woman paid it forward in a meaningful and fitting way to people who were waiting in long, hot unemployment lines.

15. Couple shares engagement surprise with woman’s mother, who is battling cancer

One couple didn’t let the pandemic keep them from tying the knot in a celebration that may mean even more to the bride’s mother.

16. Surprise birthday parade for World War II veteran in downtown Houston

Decorated cars, trucks and motorcycles made a loud entrance to help honor Vincent Grenfell, Sr., who turned 99 on July 4 this year. This was a major milestone and one worth giving a major celebration for, so to help celebrate a little early, dozens of vehicles lined up and gave him an unforgettable surprise parade while singing “Happy Birthday.”

17. Man surprises waitress with $650 tip, thanks to ‘Venmo Challenge’

Sometimes the best in people come out during times of crisis. A man from Ohio decided to pay it forward while vacationing in Virginia Beach by giving a waitress a tip she’ll never forget.

18. Senior home in England recreates iconic album covers during lockdown

A senior care facility in England made sure its residents and caregivers still had fun during the pandemic.

19. TSA sends bride her dress left at airport in time for her wedding the next day

For a bride, the most important thing on her wedding day, besides the groom, is her wedding dress. Narolin Cepeda nearly didn’t have hers for her big day after her mother accidentally forgot it while rushing to catch a plane at Newark Airport, but miracles do happen.

20. Soldier surprises brother at high school graduation

For one Alabama high schooler, this surprise was sweeter than any graduation ceremony.

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