One Good Thing: Minneapolis baker makes pies to spread love during difficult times

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – There's good news about the great value of small gestures and the woman helping make life just a little sweeter for so many during these difficult times.

In Minneapolis, Rose McGee is on a mission. She and volunteers are baking sweet potato comfort pies and delivering them to neighbors while offering a shoulder to cry on.

McGee’s mission started in 2014 and was moved by protests in Ferguson, Missouri. She and her son loaded her trunk full of pies and headed there. She also serviced people for the shootings in Charleston and Pittsburgh. Now, it’s her own city that needs healing.

"I'm sorry for the pain that our country is feeling right now," McGee said. “I wish there was a pie big enough to serve the whole human race. We all have something that we can do. And we want to find what that is and tap into that, in a positive way."

Rose is now encouraging everyone to bake some pies from their kitchen and spread love in their own community.

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