One Good Thing: TSA sends bride her dress left at airport in time for her wedding the next day

TSA sent a bride her wedding dress left at the airport.

NEWARK, New Jersey – For a bride, the most important thing on her wedding day, besides the groom, is her wedding dress.

Narolin Cepeda nearly didn’t have hers for her big day earlier this month after her mother accidentally forgot it while rushing to catch a plane at Newark Airport.

Her younger brother, who’s a physician’s assistant, immediately emailed TSA but got an automatic reply that said responses take five days. The wedding was the next afternoon.

Fortunately, a TSA administrative assistant saw the email, went looking for the luggage and sent it overnight express to Ohio. The dress made it just in time for the wedding.

The TSA worker said she put herself in the bride’s shoes and could only imagine how stressful it would be to find out her dress got lost the day before the wedding.

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