One Good Thing: Orphaned brothers pay off home loan from donations

Brothers with deceased parents paid off their home loans, thanks to donations.

EDISON, New Jersey – Thousands of people have donated money to pay off a loan so three orphan brothers can stay in their house in Edison, New Jersey after they lost their mother.

Imagine being just 18 and suddenly responsible for a home loan.

"Obviously at 18, it's not easy to put a mortgage in your name. You don't really have established credit or anything," Melissa Ferro, a family friend said.

“Literally the day before my 18th birthday she was on life support,” Brandon Anderberg said.

Anderberg lost his father when he was five.

Eight months ago, he lost his mother to kidney disease. when that happened, it appeared he and his two brothers would also lose this house.

Without a breadwinner, there was no one to pay the bills. Then, something amazing happened.

"I was completely shocked and floored to see the amount of people who reached out," Anderberg said.

Ferro launched a GoFundMe page. In a matter of months, it raised $210,000, which was enough to pay off the house.

Anderberg said he's most thankful for the way these donations honor his mother who he says will rest easier knowing he and his brothers have a roof over their heads.

Despite the home loan being paid off, Ferro told us she is seeking contractors who might be willing to donate their services to help rehab parts of the house.