One Good Thing: Couple shares engagement surprise with woman’s mother, who is battling cancer

A couple shared an engagement surprise and included a mother battling cancer.

One couple isn't letting the pandemic keep them from tying the knot in a celebration that may mean even more to the bride's mother.

For the first time in months, it was supposed to be a date night out on the town.

“I was crying in the car and out of the car and then there was rose petals inside,” Maggie Erickson said.

But, when Maggie pulled up to St. Paul's neighborhood Cafe on Friday, she knew this was different.

Aidan Kilgannon has worked there for three years. The couple, with Down syndrome, met seven months ago.

"I felt that she was the one," Aidan said.

Aidan said he'd been planning every last detail since.

"He just went down on one knee and asked me," Maggie said.

But perhaps the moment meant even more to Maggie's mom.

Cathy raised her as a single mother and refused to set limits on what she could do.

"In our case, Maggie's developed substantial independence," Cathy said.

Now, in the final stages of her own fight against stage four pancreatic cancer, Cathy couldn’t be more proud of the young woman she raised.

"I just couldn't imagine not being here because I enjoy our life so much," Cathy said.

A fever has put Cathy back in the hospital for now.

Her vow? Do all she can to be there the day her determined daughter gets married.

"Follow your dreams and keep shining with your voice," Maggie said.

“I know she’s ready I just have to make sure I’m ready,” Cathy said.