One Good Thing: Man surprises waitress with $650 tip, thanks to ‘Venmo Challenge'

A man in Virginia made a waitress' day after giving her a huge tip.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Sometimes the best in people come out during times of crisis.

A man from Ohio decided to pay it forward while vacationing in Virginia Beach by giving a waitress a tip she'll never forget.

When Dan Pew and his fiancee walked into a restaurant called Commune, waitress Aubrey Suykerbuyk could have never guessed how their interaction would end.

When Pew was paying for the bill, he covered the cost of the meal and gave the waitress $650.

Pew collected the money through a “Venmo Challenge,” where people donate money through Venmo and then it is given to someone as a surprise.

Needless to say, Aubrey was very surprised.

Aubrey said she plans to use the cash to help her finish her college degree.

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