Test it Tuesday: Here are the best and worst products we tested in 2020

HOUSTON – COVID-19 quarantined our Test it Tuesday segment for about four months of 2020, so we tested far fewer products than we traditionally do. From the standouts to the screw-ups, here are the products we tested that are worth your money and the ones you should avoid.

Of the 16 products we tested, nine failed. The seven that passed may help make your life a little easier.

  1. This $20 Pasta Boat made risotto and a chocolate cherry cake with almost no effort.
  2. The No Stitch helped our volunteer tester hem her pants with no sewing. The hem held up after a wash.
  3. The Belly Burner claims to help you shed inches off your waist just by wearing it while you do everyday tasks. Even though scientific tests don’t back up those claims, viewer and volunteer Grace Smith liked it.
  4. The Atomic Lighter that promises to “never let you down even during the windiest rainstorm” stayed lit even when we tested in front of a fan and while we sprayed water on it simulating rain.
  5. These Hot Logic mini ovens are a little pricey, but perfect for cooking or reheating meals on the go.
  6. The Night Angel lights can help light stairways and hallways in your home without taking up an electrical outlet.
  7. When we tested UV sanitizing lights, we discovered they are not all created equal.

The products that flopped

  1. Viewer Heather Albrecht threw Grease Police in the slammer. “It failed in doing anything and everything it claimed to do,” said Albrecht. “I basically was spraying water all over my house. And water’s free!”
  2. Hydromousse, which claims to grow grass anywhere, didn’t live up to the hype.
  3. The Rapid Drying Hair Towel we ordered from Facebook promised dry, styled hair in just 3 minutes. Our tester’s hair was neither dry or styled after three minutes.
  4. We put Slushy Magic in this “fail” category because it leaked and failed to consistently turn our drinks into slushies.
  5. Alien Tape did not hold a 17-pound mirror on a wall as promised, and the tape damaged the wall.
  6. Jiffy Fries promises to turn a raw baked potato into delicious fries in minutes in the microwave. It did not!
  7. EZ Eggs claims to peel up to three hardboiled eggs at once simply by shaking the shells loose. This product did not work as advertised.
  8. The BAAM! Drain Blaster we bought on Facebook wouldn’t work for most bathroom sink and tub drains because the stopper gets in the way.
  9. While some viewers say the Jumpstart portable car charger works well for them, the one we ordered from QVC never fully functioned as it was supposed to.

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