Test it Tuesday: Can $20 Pasta Boat make your life easier in the kitchen?

HOUSTON – The prep work, the pot stirring and the clean-up. Making family meals takes time and energy. But what if you could make delicious dinners in one bowl in minutes?

That is what the Pasta Boat claims to do. We bought it from a third party seller on Amazon for $19.99. It is now listed as “currently unavailable.”

Product: Pasta Boat

The plastic boat-shaped bowl with a strainer built into the lid, claims to cook dozens of dishes from baked ziti to fried rice, in the microwave.

Claims: Make perfect pasta from your microwave

Makes dozens of other dishes from seafood to cakes

No need for multiple pots or strainers

Strainer lid makes for easy straining

Handles measure out perfect portions

Stores leftovers in the same container

Test: We took the Pasta Boat to Aracely Neeley’s home in west Houston so she could try it out. She picked two recipes from the booklet that comes with the product. She made spinach risotto and chocolate cherry cake.

The risotto took about 24 minutes from start to finish. Aracely was impressed with the result. If she had made it on the stovetop, she would have had to babysit the pot. The cake was not all that pretty, but it tasted good.

Verdict: True. The Pasta Boat passed our tests.

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