Test it Tuesday: Can this mini lunch bag called a ‘Hot Logic Personal Oven’ also cook your food?

HOUSTON – Packing your lunch can be tough if you drive a lot for work, or maybe you don’t want to use the shared microwave in your office. The Hot Logic Personal Oven claims it can heat up or even cook a meal from scratch while you’re busy working.

Product: Hot Logic Personal Oven

Claims: Just put food in. Go about your day. And eat when you’re ready.

Can reheat frozen meals or cook meals from scratch.

The Smart Shelf heating element keeps food warm and never overcooks.

Cost: $39.99 on Amazon or Hot Logic’s website

How it Works

The Hot Logic Mini is a lunch bag with a built-in power cord attached to a “smart shelf” cooking element inside. You can put any type of container filled with food in the lunchbox on top of the smart shelf hearing element. Plug it in and let it cook. The personal warmer doesn’t come with a container to heat your food; but it says you can use aluminum foil, plastic or glass containers.

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