Test it Tuesday: Is this product a better alternative to the standard Night Light?

HOUSTON – Sometimes you just need a little light to illuminate a dark space or walkway. However, you don’t want to have to switch it and off, and you don’t want a bulky night light that you have to unplug when you need the electric outlet.

The Night Angel checks all the boxes. It's an electric outlet cover with built-in LED lights that are guaranteed to last a lifetime, according to the manufacturer.

Belinda Foland volunteered to try the Night Angel in her home. She put the device over an outlet in a dark hallway. The Night Angel has a light sensor, so it automatically illuminates when it is dark.

Put to the test:

Product: Night Angel

Price: $6.18 at Fry’s


  • Turn any outlet into a night light
  • Quick, easy and convenient

Verdict: True!

Foland gives the Night Angel a thumbs up. She installed it in seconds with just a screwdriver.

There are several versions of this product online that cost less money. We only tested the Night Angel, but many have reported positive reviews with some of the other versions that come in packs of three or five light outlet covers.