Test it Tuesday: Can 'Slushy Magic’ make slushies in seconds?

HOUSTON – Whether you’re three or 83, slushies are a refreshing treat. And if you can make them in seconds from any drink in your fridge, that’s kind of cool too. That’s the sell for Slushy Magic.

Consumer expert Amy Davis tested it with her three kids to find out if it works as advertised.

Product: Slushy Magic

Price: $13.98 from WalMart.com

Claims: Make slushies in seconds, Slushify any drink

The Slushy Magic box and the commercial both claim there are just three steps to making delicious slushies with the product: Add magic freezer cubes that come with the product to the cup, pour your favorite drink and then shake.

In reality, you have to freeze the magic freezer cubes 2 to 3 hours before you want to make a slushy. Then you have to make sure whatever drink you want to use is cold. Don’t shake the cup right away after you add the drink and secure the lid. Instead, you should let your drink set for one minute and then shake it for up to two minutes. When we did all of these things, we got a frozen drink, albeit somewhat melted and runny.

Verdict: TRUE. Slushy Magic does work if you follow all of the steps, but it’s not great.

Other important factors: The product was missing the “spoonstraw” that was supposed to come with it.

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