Test it Tuesday: Can EZ Eggs shake the shells right off hard boiled eggs?

HOUSTON – Most people can agree peeling hard-boiled eggs is the most difficult part of enjoying them. It can be tough to get the stubborn shells off and frustrating when you take off chunks of the egg whites in the process. EZ Eggs claims it can peel up to three eggs in under 10 seconds. Consumer expert Amy Davis tested the product at home.

Product: EZ Eggs

Price: $9.88 at Walmart

Claim: “Peels up to three eggs in under 10 seconds”

"The Miracle egg stripper that shakes the shells right off of them."

“You get three perfectly peeled eggs in the same time it takes to peel just one egg the ordinary way.”

The Test: Amy boiled three eggs, adding one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of salt to the water in the pan. After 10 minutes on the stove, she removed the eggs and gave them an ice bath. Once the eggs were room temperatures, Amy filled the EZ Eggs pod with water to the marked water line and dropped all of the eggs inside. She secured the top of the pod and shook the produce for 10 seconds. When she removed the top, she noticed the eggs were cracked, but all of the shells were still on the eggs. Following the instructions, she pinched the top of each eggshell while it was still submerged in the water in the pod. The shells came off with almost no effort.

Verdict: Passes.

Summary: While the shells did not shake right off, it was true that using it gave me three perfectly peeled eggs in the same time it takes to peel one egg the ordinary way. The instructions also say that you can put the lid back on the pod and shake it some more if the shells don’t fall off the first time.

EZ Eggs says it works best with freshly boiled eggs. If you don’t want to eat or use all of the eggs immediately, you can put them back in the pod and store them in the fridge for up to five days.

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