KPRC 2′s ultimate Houston Thanksgiving Day guide

Turkey dinner
Turkey dinner (Pixabay)

Turkey day is upon us!

From holiday grocery hours to solid recipe recommendations, KPRC 2 has got you covered.

Here is the ultimate guide to celebrating Thanksgiving in Houston:

Here’s how you can be safer about celebrating Thanksgiving, according to the CDC

At this point in the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say, most people have heard of or are aware that wearing a mask and keeping 6 feet of distance from others is believed to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, and the way this year has gone, spending time with family you haven’t seen so much sounds really nice right about now, doesn’t it?

People will make their own personal decisions on how they will spend Thanksgiving — staying hunkered down at home with immediate family, traveling for a family get-together or gathering with friends.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes that gatherings with family and friends are fun, but wants everyone to remember that such gatherings increase the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu.

This is how Houston-area residents said they’re celebrating Thanksgiving amid the pandemic

We put the question “How do you plan to handle the holidays amid the pandemic?” to Houston-area residents and what we got back were hundreds of responses, ranging from those who plan to scale-back their celebrations to others who intend to celebrate the holiday like normal.

Here’s how 20 Houston-area residents said they’re navigating the holidays amid the pandemic.

Still deciding on what to make for Thanksgiving? 13 recipes you’ll swear by from here on out

For some people, the menu has been set for a month. For others, especially procrastinators, you might still be trying to figure out what to make for Thanksgiving dinner next week. It’s a different sort of year. But some people are still gathering in some form, and searching for meal inspiration.

We say you have plenty of time to finalize your plans.

Here’s which Houston-area grocery stores are open, closed on the holiday

It’s not every day that you prepare a feast as big as a Thanksgiving dinner, so it’s easy to forget something. Half-and-half. Butter. That pesky can of cranberry sauce.

Luckily, many area grocery stores will remain open on Thanksgiving Day.

Click here to see the operating hours for some of the Houston area’s most popular grocery stores.

Here’s where to pick up a free Thanksgiving turkey in the Houston area

Need assistance in getting food for Thanksgiving? A lot of help will be offered this year as many Houstonians are still in need of assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How to get help with your Thanksgiving turkey

Looking for a little help with that Thanksgiving turkey of yours? Refer your questions to the experts.

Butterball, the largest producer of turkey products in the country, has more than 50 representatives ready to answer all your turkey-related questions through its Butterball Talk-Line.

Houston-area events, organizations that need volunteers on Thanksgiving Day

As satisfying as a hot plate piled high with roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce might be, nothing feeds the soul more on Thanksgiving than giving back to the city you love so much.

This year, skip the tryptophan-induced food coma and give back while giving thanks with one of these Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities in the Houston area.

Take note: A number of Houston-area Thanksgiving Day festivities and events have been curtailed this year due to the coronavirus. Those events and organizations that are forging ahead with Thanksgiving Day events and programs are instituting pandemic policies, which include social distancing and face mask requirements. As many events take on a new shape this year amid the pandemic, so do volunteer opportunities, some of which have gone virtual.

Where to get a delicious holiday meal to-go in Houston

Hang up your apron. Put down the ladle. Let someone else do the cooking this Thanksgiving. We found 11 great options if you want to spend time with family around your own table without slaving in the kitchen.

Here’s where to go to score some sweet, sweet slices of pie in the Houston area

Here’s where to go to get your pie fix in and around Houston.

How to survive hosting Thanksgiving: Day-by-day agenda

Thanksgiving can be a hectic day for anyone, but even more so for those who are hosting.

The best way to prepare is to be prepared; don’t procrastinate. Surprisingly, there are many tasks a host can complete starting five days before Thanksgiving.

Here’s our day-by-day agenda that will leave you with little to do on the holiday.

What to make for Thanksgiving that ISN’T turkey

There’s been a lot of chatter about Thanksgiving this year. If there were ever a time to do something different than a classic turkey dinner, this is probably it.

So let’s do it. Buckle up, because we’re breaking free from tradition -- and we’re going to make it just as delicious, if not more so, than what you’ve experienced in years past.

How exactly to scale down Thanksgiving this year if you’re cooking for 1 or 2

We’ve all had to get creative when it comes to celebrating holidays this year, thanks to COVID-19, and Thanksgiving isn’t looking any different.

With governors across the country recommending that families keep Thanksgiving gatherings to just their own households, cooking up a giant turkey packed with stuffing might not be as realistic for some, especially if you live alone or with a roommate or two.

You could always scrap a traditional Thanksgiving meal and make whatever your heart desires, but if you still find yourself craving turkey, potatoes, stuffing and the rest of the Thanksgiving goodness, here are some ways that you can scale down your menu so you don’t end up with a fridge full of leftovers.

Free Thanksgiving dinner for your family via Walmart: Here’s how to get it

A “Free Thanksgiving Dinner” program via Walmart and a number of other companies will provide a cash back offer on nine food staples while supplies last.

Turkey, green beans, cream of mushroom soup, crispy onions, potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy and a 2-liter of soda, are all part of the promotion.

Flying Saucer Pie Company’s crazy Thanksgiving pie line will look different amid the pandemic. Here’s what to expect this year.

The pre-Thanksgiving lines are notoriously long at Flying Saucer Pie Company. Many Houston residents simply can’t celebrate the season without its scrumptious, sought-after Dutch apple, pumpkin, pecan, and key lime creations.

A quick primer for Houston newcomers: Flying Saucer Pie Company does not take call ahead pie or cake orders the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas. The shop doesn’t take reservations and it doesn’t deliver. All its pies are first come, first serve. Translation: There’s no way to weasel your way out of waiting in line.

However you look at it, whether as an endearing Houston holiday tradition or as dreaded yet unavoidable chore, braving the shop’s pre-Thanksgiving pie line is quite an undertaking. It requires preparation, planning and, of course, an abundance of patience. This year, amid the pandemic, the shop will implement several COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the safety of its patrons and staff. Here’s what to expect if you plan to brave the line.