How to get help with your Thanksgiving turkey

19-year-veteran Butterball Turkey Talk-Line supervisor Dorothy Jones answers questions on her telephone headset at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line headquarters November 24, 2003 in Downers Grove, Illinois. The Butterball Talk-Line was created to assist everyone from first-time cooks to seasoned chefs with preparing their holiday bird. Originally staffed with six home economists who responded to 11,000 phone calls in its first year alone, today the Talk-Line is staffed with nearly 50 home economists and nutritionists who respond to more than 100,000 questions each November and December. ConAgra Foods opened the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line in 1981. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

HOUSTON – Looking for a little help with that Thanksgiving turkey of yours? Refer your questions to the experts.

Butterball, the largest producer of turkey products in the country, has more than 50 representatives ready to answer all your turkey-related questions through its Butterball Talk-Line.

Butterball has an online site full of turkey recipes, how to’s, coupons and products that can come in handy when preparing your holiday dinner.

You can ask them your questions by calling 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372) or you can text your questions to 844-877-3456. You can also communicate with an expert through the online chat on their website.

Butterball has also diversified their talk line to accommodate Spanish speakers and male experts. They have also expanded to accommodate the “modern holiday cooker” by connecting to an expert via Amazon Alexa.

For more information you can visit its site.

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