How to survive hosting Thanksgiving: Day-by-day agenda


HOUSTON – Thanksgiving can be a hectic day for anyone, but even more so for those who are hosting.

The best way to prepare is to be prepared; don't procrastinate. Surprisingly, there are many tasks a host can complete starting five days before Thanksgiving.

Here's our day-by-day agenda that will leave you with little to do on the holiday.

5 days until Thanksgiving: Saturday, Nov. 23
Make your lists!
-    Guest list: ask guests to see if/what they are bringing
-    Grocery lists: dry goods list to be purchased this day, food list
-    Shop for dry goods: decor, napkins, canned ingredients 

4 days until Thanksgiving: Sunday. Nov. 24
-    Prep baked goods: Make dough, pie crusts, etc.

3 days until Thanksgiving: Monday, Nov. 25
-    Set the table
-    VERY IMPORTANT! If frozen, defrost turkey

2 days until Thanksgiving: Tuesday, Nov. 26
-    Set out serving dishes and determine table placement
-    Make a list of all dishes, cook times, create a cooking schedule

1 day until Thanksgiving: Wednesday, Nov. 27
-    Avoid big crowds, get to the grocery store early!
-    Prep anything that can be done in advance
-    Clean all vegetables and produce, chop ingredients for stuffing
-    Prepare appetizers
-    Finish all baking
-    Set out pan + ensure you have all cooking essentials needed for Thursday morning

Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 28
-    Put the turkey in the oven
-    Utilize a slow cooker for sides like potatoes and vegetables
-    Put stovetop to use as soon as you can: reheat gravy and sauces
-    Set up appetizers and chill beverages

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