Deciding on what to make for Thanksgiving? 13 recipes you’ll swear by from here on out

Get those decisions made! It’s not too late

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! (Pexels stock image)

For some people, the menu is set months in advance.

For others, especially procrastinators, they’re still trying to figure it all out the night before Thanksgiving.

It remains a different sort of year, for some. But many people are still gathering in some form, and searching for meal inspiration.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, or maybe you’re just a person who enjoys a good meal every now and again -- we can all agree, Thanksgiving is a time to let the menu shine. There’s nothing worse than when you take a chance on a new recipe and it turns out to be a dud.

So we had asked around: Specifically, on Facebook. “What’s a Thanksgiving dish you swear by? Two million bonus points if you can provide a link to the recipe!”

The people delivered.

Without further ado, here are 13 Thanksgiving recipes from the people who love them, along with some comments they left.

1. This show-stopping green bean casserole.

It’s called "Green Bean Casserole Will Solve All Your Thanksgiving Problems” and it was posted by BuzzFeed in 2015.

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Take it from the Facebook recommendation: “It seems daunting to make your own cream of mushroom from scratch, but it’s 100% worth it! Such a difference is taste and texture!”

2. A classic take on a true Thanksgiving classic: Cranberry sauce.

The brain behind this recipe, Alton Brown, seems like the kind of person we can trust when it comes to food.

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Take it from this Facebook recommendation: “This stuff is seriously amazing.”

It looks easy in the best way possible. Skip the canned stuff and give this recipe a shot!

3. ‘Chef Curry’

Please excuse our Drake reference -- and by the way, we mean Chef Ayesha Curry, not Steph, when it comes to this next recipe: her roast jerk turkey.

As the author of this story, my family opted to go this route two years ago on Thanksgiving, just in the spirit of trying something new and different. This recipe delivered, and I can’t exaggerate that enough.

“I developed this recipe with my mom as a way to introduce people to Caribbean food in a gentler way,” Ayesha Curry said to People magazine.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The jerk-style turkey isn’t as overpowering or strong as you might imagine. It’s a nice twist that your family won’t expect at this year’s Thanksgiving table.

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4. Pass the sides, please! Here’s another easy one.

Try this slow cooker creamed corn by the blog D--- Delicious.

We’re willing to bet you have these ingredients on hand already ... after all, there are only five.

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Take it from the Facebook recommendation, which said simply: “We love this.”

5 and 6. Anyone need a vegan recipe?

Because we’ve got two.

Between Isa’s “Smlove Pie” and Vegan Mac Daddy, both from Veganomicon, we think your vegan relatives will be very, very pleased. And hey, even if you consider yourself more of a carnivore, you can’t fight with the ingredient lists here. A chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust and maple candied pecans? Hand over that fork, please.

Get the pie recipe. | Get the “mac daddy” recipe.

Take it from the Facebook recommendation: These are "vegan representation winners right here.”

7. Don’t overlook that brine.

Once again, Alton Brown to the rescue! This time, we’re looking at the Good Eats roast turkey by the Food Network star.

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Here’s a convincing Facebook recommendation: “The brine on this turkey recipe is awesome (I don’t bother with the aromatics). It seriously helps make a perfect turkey every single time.”

Can’t mess with that endorsement.

8. Warm up those tastebuds.

Before you jump straight to the green bean casserole, turkey and stuffing, you have to remember: Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint. It might be nice to open the afternoon or evening with some appetizers.

Plus, football is on, right? You definitely need some snacky food to get your appetite going for later -- just be careful not to overdo it! And you might be tempted to splurge when you take a look at this dip, a cranberry rosemary cheese spread from 12 Tomatoes.

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Take it from the Facebook recommendation: “This is the BEST appetizer!”

9. Potatoes, anyone?

Specifically, what about Ruth’s Chris sweet potato casserole from The Girl Who Ate Everything?

The author of the recipe says: “(This is) one of our family favorites, and a must-have side at Thanksgiving. These sweet potatoes will turn even non-sweet potato lovers into avid fans.”

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10. One final recipe for those who don’t eat animal products ...

(And it was even recommended by a non-vegan!)

Take it from the Facebook recommendation: "I am not vegan, but absolutely love this vegan sweet potato casserole recipe! The only difference is, I just buy vegan marshmallows from Whole Foods or Plum Market rather than Aquafaba like in the recipe. Besides that, this is my favorite go-to Thanksgiving dish!”

It’s similar to No. 9 on our list: a vegan sweet potato casserole with Aquafaba “marshmallow” topping from the blog I Love Vegan.

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11. A go-to, more traditional turkey.

If you’re not ready for the Curry family’s jerk turkey, that’s OK! Tradition is tradition for a reason, and we get it. But that doesn’t have to mean dry or boring. Why don’t you try the best Thanksgiving turkey, as it’s called, from the blog Yellow Brick Road?

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Take it from the Facebook recommendation: “I’ve used this turkey recipe two years in a row and it’s a HUGE hit! (I like it even better than my mom’s turkey!)”

12. Sometimes you just need a cookie.

Against our better judgment, we’re including a recipe for chocolate chip cookies on this list. Not exactly a Thanksgiving food, we realize.

Just set them out. Sometimes people aren’t into pie. (I know, you’re either nodding your head, or you’re confused that these people exist. They do!)

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13. ... Or a pumpkin pie.

Several people agreed: You don’t need any fancy cooking blog or website for this one. The pumpkin pie recipe from the back of the Libby’s can is the best around.

Easy enough, right?

We’re a little surprised people didn’t call out any recipes for the other Thanksgiving staples: for example, stuffing, salads, gravy or cocktails.

I’ll call out a few things I’m eyeballing, all from my favorite recipe blog, How Sweet Eats, which is also where we snagged this gorgeous photo from, seen above.