This is how Houston-area residents said they’re celebrating Thanksgiving amid the pandemic

Turkey dinner
Turkey dinner (Pixabay)

We put the question “How do you plan to handle the holidays amid the pandemic?” to Houston-area residents and what we got back were hundreds of responses, ranging from those who plan to scale-back their celebrations to others who intend to celebrate the holiday like normal.

Here’s how 20 Houston-area residents said they’re navigating the holidays amid the pandemic.

“Still being thankful and walking the kindness walk. Still honoring those unnamed people that were killed, bled, cried and died, even when they were discriminated against. Volunteer to help others, then eat and have a zoom dinner.” - Ashley Eickman

“We are having a small funeral for our pet turkey, guests should bring a side dish or dessert in lew of flowers, may he rest in piece.” - Robert Louis Voss

“I’ll go to a small celebration but I won’t be spending time with extended family. Basically, I only want to expose myself to the people I love and not people who I am only family to on holidays.” - Candice Shafer

“We are having a big family Thanksgiving like we always do!! The government will not take our tradition away from us!!” - Kristin Cross

“Only with family that lives in the same house.” - Keyla Perez-Rivera

“Being responsible and not gathering in a group. I know too many people being desperately sick with Covid because they thought their friend or family group was okay.” - Kelli Cavenah

"We will be doing Thanksgiving in person with no mask!! Bc one u can’t live in fear and second u never know if this could be someone’s last holiday so why spend it separately?

The reason I say last holiday is bc my aunt came to spend a holiday which we thought was just to visit. She went back home (lives out of state) two months later found out she had brain cancer. And past that next October. Time is precious why spend what time we are given living in fear?" - Kelsie Vanaugh

“We’re doing our Turkey dinner virtually this year. Each family hosts its own dinner and we join each other via Zoom. If you haven’t eaten dinners with us for the last 2 weeks, you’re NOT welcome at our family due to health safety reason. We’re still family, but on Zoom only this year.” - Niloeby T Montenoeci

“If my husband were still alive, it would be just the 2 of us. It’s a harder decision now with teen and early 20′s grandkids, have no idea who they’ve been around and where they’ve been.🙁” - Vicki Rawlinson Johnson

“Staying home and spending time making traditions with my immediate family. Finally an excuse not to travel 6 hours!!! Yay! 🙏” - Tina C Salinas

“We are not stopping celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving that is I have family heritage tradition and our god-given right to have as many people at our house to celebrate the holidays as many as we want and we are not stopping because of the so-called pandemic.” - Chandra Garms

“We are having our regular Thanksgiving with extended family at my house. My husband and I both had Covid this summer and survived. Life is too short to spend it on Zoom!!” - Mary Davidson Lucas

“Other than changes to the menu.....thats pretty much it!!!!” - Yesenia Aguilar

“We will skip the family gathering this year, because it’s not worth the risk of everyones health. Especially the elders.” - Anthony Sidney

“❤ The only change I will have is family better help in cleaning the kitchen afterwards before taking that nap!! 💤” - Dora Maldonado McWilliams

“We’re probably all gonna meet at a central location and eat in the same room with no mask honestly....🤷‍♂️” - Blaine Fritsche

“By staying home and watching movies! Holidays haven’t been the same since I lost my Mother two years ago. I don’t need all that food and desserts! 😀” - Tena M Clark

“We are having Thanksgiving Dinner at our house . If the relatives come. That’s up to Them entirely. Will just be more leftovers to eat later IF they stay Home.” - Ken Woodward

“Ours is small anyway so I will be rolling up to Cracker Barrel the day before and bringing it home like every other year. Hash brown casserole for the win.” - Kathy Williamson Penney

“Home with only hubby and kids this year only. Can’t wait for all this covid-19 mess to go away.” - Misty Barnes


How do you plan to handle the holidays during the pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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