‘They’re agitating Houston by not giving them the information’: HISD union, community members want to hear directly from TEA commissioner

HOUSTON – In the two weeks since the Texas Education Agency announced plans to take over Houston Independent School District, nearly 30 people announced plans to leave the district, according to the union president.

“They’re leaving because they just don’t know,” said Wretha Thomas, the Houston Educational Support Personnel President. “They’re leaving, and this is what HISD is going to have. Experience teachers they have leaving [are now] going to other districts.”

Thomas and a few other members of the union were outside Worthing High School sharing their concerns about the impending takeover with members of the community.

“We’re asking them if they take over HISD, that they give the employees a decent raise and better insurance,” Thomas said.

The rally comes hours before the TEA prepares to host its third community meeting. The hour-long meeting is scheduled at Delmar Stadium. The previous meetings were contentious with activists, parents, and others using bullhorns to speak over the agency leadership.

“We want to talk to the boss,” someone said into a bullhorn during a TEA community informational. “And you’re not the boss.”

Ahead of the third meeting, KPRC 2′s Rilwan Balogun called and sent an email to the TEA’s media relations director in an attempt to figure out of Commissioner Mike Morath would attend any of the meetings.

No one responded as of Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m.

“I think he should show up and give the people the answers. Don’t worry about the agitators,” Thomas said. “They’re agitating Houston by not giving them the information.”

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