TEA Takeover: Hundreds apply for the board of managers to run HISD

The TEA announced its intention to take over the Houston Independent School District as of June 1st. (KPRC)

HOUSTON, Texas – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced that hundreds of applicants have applied to serve as part of the Houston Independent School District (ISD) Board of Managers.

TEA said as of April 6, 374 applicants submitted applications.

This announcement comes weeks after TEA announced its takeover of HISD, the largest school district in Texas.

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TEA said it’s looking for Houstonians with a “wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives who believe all children can learn and achieve at high levels when properly supported and who can work together as a governance team.”

“I am looking for Houstonians with wisdom and integrity who can be laser-focused on what is best for students,” said Texas Education Commissioner, Mike Morath. “It is exciting to see so many Houstonians express a willingness to help move the school system forward in service of students.”

Applications by the numbers:

  • 374: Total Applications
  • 345: Total Applications within HISD Boundaries
  • 232: Applications from parents of current/former HISD students
  • 136: Applications from individuals who previously attended an HISD school
  • 238: Applications from individuals who worked as a teacher and/or for a school system

Breakdown of applications by race:

  • African American: 40%
  • Asian: 5%
  • Hispanic: 10%
  • White: 33%
  • Other: 12%

Breakdown of applications by Trustee District:

  • District I: 14%
  • District II: 9%
  • District III: 4%
  • District IV: 18%
  • District V: 15%
  • District VI: 7%
  • District VII: 13%
  • District VIII: 10%
  • District IX: 11%

What is the Board of Managers and what will they do?

As the governing board for the largest school district in the state of Texas, the HISD Board of Managers’ core purpose is to improve student outcomes by representing the vision and values of the HISD community where every HISD student is to be prepared for college, career, or the military in a manner that is equitable, transparent, and efficient. Through performance management practices, data-informed routines, and authentic stakeholder engagement, the Board of Managers is set to provide oversight to ensure that the vision and values are being honored and students are being well served. The Board of Managers will assume all of the powers and authority previously held by the suspended Board of Trustees. In addition, the Board of Managers will support the suspended Board of Trustees by modeling effective board practices and ensuring the district’s governance structures are restored and serving the district well.

As part of their duties as the governing body of HISD, The Board of Managers will also provide strategic leadership and oversight of the new superintendent. This will involve getting feedback from multiple district stakeholders, working to improve support for teachers, getting schools the resources they need, and laying a foundation for success for students in the district. In addition, the Board of Managers will work with the new superintendent to accomplish the exit criteria set forth by TEA that must occur before the transition back to the elected board. Specifically, the exit criteria that address the underlying causes for intervention include no multi-year failing campuses; a special education program in full compliance with all state and federal statutory requirements; and evidence of improved governance that demonstrates procedures and behavior focused on improved outcomes for all students in Houston ISD.


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