3 eggcellent DIY crafts to get the kids eggcited about Easter

HOUSTON – This year, celebrating Easter may look a little different with social distancing, but never the less, if you’re in need of some festive family fun, we’ve got you covered with fun projects that are budget-friendly. Upcycling expert, Sarah Teresinski shares eggcelent crafting ideas to keep the kids entertained. PROJECT #1: UPCYCLE EASTER EGGS INTO A LEARNING TOOLEaster egg puzzle (Easter egg puzzle)MATERIALS NEEDED:Egg cartonPlastic Easter eggsSharpieDIRECTIONS:On the top portion of the egg:Write the first part of a word, OR Write a capital letterOn the bottom portion of the egg:Write the second part of a word, OR Write the matching lowercase letterMix and match the tops and bottoms to learn new words or the ABC’sPROJECT #2: UPCYCLE OLD BOOKS INTO A BUNNY GARLANDBunny garland (Bunny garland)MATERIALS NEEDED:Old book that's been ripped or ruinedA hole puncherStringGlueCotton ballsScissorsDIRECTIONS:Tear out pages of the book, (the more you use the longer the garland) Fold page in half Trace a bunny pattern on one side of the folded page Cut along your traced pattern Unfold and use a hole punch to punch a hole in the middle of each ear Glue a cotton ball on each bunny for a tail Pull string through the holes in the ears, slide bunnies through, and hang the garland upPROJECT #3: UPCYCLE A SODA BOTTLE INTO A PLANTERBunny planter (Bunny planter)MATERIALS NEEDED:One 2L soda bottleWhite spray paintSharpiesScissors/x-acto knifeFlower or plant of choiceDIRECTIONS:Use an x-acto knife to cut off the top spout of the bottle Use a sharpie to trace bunny ears on the plastic bottle Use scissors to cut bunny ears along the traced pattern Spray paint with colors of choice Use sharpie to draw a bunny face Add flowers or plant of your choiceFollow Sarah on Instagram for more fun projects like these!