‘They don’t care about humanity’: Tenants left with no A/C at Timber Ridge Apartments on Houston’s east side

You may remember when KPRC 2 was at the apartments last July reporting on huge piles of trash and other dilapidated conditions that had been plaguing tenants.

HOUSTON – For many Houston tenants, it takes just a few minutes to submit a maintenance request online. Well, apparently it takes just over 30 seconds to fix an air conditioner that’s been out since Memorial Day at one east-side complex.

With a blazing Houston summer in full effect, it’s hard to imagine braving the weather without any A/C, but that’s what some at the Timber Ridge apartments complex on Fleming Drive said they’ve been forced to endure for weeks until KPRC 2 reporter Deven Clarke stepped in and helped get the some of the issues fixed in no time.

If the Timber Ridge Apartments ring a bell, you may remember when KPRC 2 was there last July reporting on huge piles of trash and other dilapidated conditions that had been plaguing tenants.

Now, nearly one year later, we’re being called back. This time, tenants are complaining about Indio management. They said the company took over at the beginning of the year, and now in the height of summer has been leaving them without air conditioning for weeks

“My son, his skin is… actually his whole face is puffy, breaking out because he has eczema. But this is the first year I’ve ever dealt with that… I’ve had to put two fans on him to keep him cool throughout the night,” said one tenant named Brandy Coleman.

Another tenant, Eric Corsey, who notified us about the A/C issues, believes his air was intentionally cut off by management around Memorial Day because he owes a balance, which if true, would be illegal.

“They don’t care about humanity. They really got me here in 100-degree weather,” Corsey said.

He and Tiffany Robinson said inside their apartment hovers around 100 degrees.

“We bought all these fans. This is a blower and about three fans just to stay alive,” Robinson said.

Despite countless work orders, they said the only response they got was emails with empty promises and a number to call that doesn’t work.

KPRC 2 tried getting answers from the leasing office. It immediately became clear we were not welcome. Our crew was surrounded by security guards and asked to leave.

Despite security and management being combative, within seconds of KPRC 2 getting kicked out of the office, a maintenance worker showed up to fix Corsey’s A/C unit.

“He lifted that box up with a drill and he fixed it, 33 seconds,” Robinson said.

Corsey and Robinson are now able to sleep.

“I appreciate you (KPRC2). Whatever you did. I appreciate it,” Corsey said.

There are multiple families at Timber Ridge complaining about not having A/C.

KPRC 2 reached out to Councilmember At-Large Dr. Letitia Plummer who’s been vocal about fixing Houston’s apartment issues. She said she’s contacting the mayor’s office and will have a team from the city out at the complex to investigate as early as tomorrow.


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