Apartments called ‘deplorable’ by residents back up to code; Community leaders, activists provide school supplies for those families

HOUSTON – Big changes are happening at the Sterlingshire Apartments in northeast Houston.

Since June, KPRC 2 has reported about residents who were living in deplorable conditions.

Since then, community activists and city leaders have stepped up to help.

On Saturday, the Rainbow Push Coalition and several other organizers showed up to give residents school supplies and other essential items.

Tami Hudson serves as the Regional Supervisor and a third-party consultant for Sterlingshire. Hudson says the complex is back up to code and residents told KPRC 2 they are pleased with the improvements.

They’re also grateful for the Back To School Drive.

The event was full of fun, food, music, and smiles.

Kids received a backpack full of supplies, a hot meal, and a bag packed with goodies thanks to the various organizations.

“It’s a lot of families that can’t afford school supplies, and this helped out a whole lot,” resident Eva Wheeler said.

Wheeler, who lives at the complex, spoke with KPRC 2 back in June about the ongoing problems with mold, rats, roaches, and faulty kitchen appliances

“For two days, I’ve been without power to the right side of my house which is where my kitchen and refrigerator is. I’ve lost food,” she said in June.

Fast forward to now, and Eva says it has changed tremendously.

Hudson says improvements have been made to several units.

“Some appliances, flooring, sheetrock repairs, door replacements, new painting in some of the apartments,” she said.

Wheeler says the changes are a blessing.

“The old property manager is gone,” she said. “The new property manager is more understanding, connects with the residents and concerns. Basically, she comes personally and addresses the issue. It’s been great since then.”

Dr. Candice Matthews with Rainbow Push Coalition and City Councilwoman Dr. Letitia Plummer say they will continue to provide resources for residents and make sure issues are brought to light.

“My goal is to create an ordinance that will not only hold the landlords for their actions but also support the tenants making sure they know the rules and what their rights are,” Plummer said.

“To these other slum lords, it’s open season,” Matthews said. “So, I’m letting you know now you better tighten it up and get it together.”

Hudson says they will continue to make improvements, and everything should be complete in the next 30 to 45 days.

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