More cases linked to HPD officer at center of deadly botched raid dismissed

HOUSTON – Channel 2 Investigates has learned that two charges involving investigations by Houston police officer Gerald Goines have been dismissed.

Goines is the now-retired officer at the center of an investigation of January's botched drug raid on Harding Street, where a couple was killed and five officers were hurt.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office said the two charges are in connection to Roy Herbert Willis. He was charged with possession.

Roy Herbert Willis
Roy Herbert Willis

"In the interest of justice, the ongoing investigation of Gerald Goines prevents us from moving forward to trial on this case at this time. The investigation could yield information that we are not yet aware of that could be helpful to the accused," Dane Schiller, with the Harris County District Attorney's Office, said. 

The DA's office said the charges might be refiled at a later date.

Goines, who was injured in the raid, filed for retirement last week.

Other dismissed cases

Prosecutors dismissed two of Goines' cases in February, nearly a week after the Harris County District Attorney's Office announced it will review more than 1,400 cases tied to Officer Gerald Goines.

A drug possession case against Treveon Cornett was dismissed due to an "interest of justice," court documents stated. He was charged on July 17, 2018, for cocaine possession.

No other details were released.

The drug case against Courtney Jacobs was dismissed the week before.

The district attorney's office said none of the cases are being dismissed merely because of Goines' involvement.

The FBI has launched a civil rights investigation into the botched raid.

Houston police chief Art Acevedo said officers serving warrants will start wearing body cameras and the department will stop using no-knock warrants.

However, the department will not be eliminating no-knock warrants altogether, but rather the chief is making tweaks to the policy. He said there will be restrictions on how often they are issued.

All this comes after Channel 2 Investigates first uncovered a warrant that raised questions about Goines and whether he should face charges on allegations that the entire sting was built on a lie.

Goines was released from the hospital to recover between surgeries, his attorney said.

Below is a look at the cases of Goines that are under review, as well as a timeline of the shootout investigation: