Potential Juror admits she watched ‘The Bench’ before being selected for Armstrong Jr. voir dire

Antonio Armstrong Jr. will be tried as adult in murder case.

HOUSTON – Eight more potential jurors took on individual voir dire questioning in the third trial for Antonio Armstrong Jr.

Harris County District Attorneys are accusing Armstrong Jr. of killing his mother and father, Dawn and Antonio Armstrong Sr.

4 out of 10 potential jurors asked to come back for Antonio Armstrong Jr.’s trial

During the second group voir dire panel Monday, one potential juror mentioned they did a deep dive into the case, and she formed a strong opinion.

“I would be open to hearing what the evidence was,” the juror said at the time.

On Thursday, during individual questioning, that juror explained to prosecutor John Jordan, “I don’t have a conclusion, but like I said, I have an opinion.”

The Bench - Inside AJ Armstrong's third murder trial

The juror went on to say they watched KPRC 2′s ‘The Bench’ on May 1.

“They didn’t start the news the normal way. That’s fascinating to me,” the juror said.

Jordan then asked about the opinion the juror formed, and the juror replied, “My strong opinion was a little more about the understanding... Why try it a third time? Do we want to spend resources and do it again to get the same lopsided vote?”

Though the juror told Judge Kelli Johnson she could follow the law, the juror was excused for cause.

A second juror mentioned they were an avid local news watcher. The juror shared they had seen recent coverage of the case and that it was a retrial.

“I think it means it’s a difficult case. The evidence might not be clear as we assume,” the juror told prosecutors.

When asked about being fair to all sides involved in the case, the juror told the court, “I would be a good and fair juror.”

By the end of the day, five of the eight jurors were asked to come on May 31.

That brings the total amount of jurors coming back to 29.

The second jury panel is expected to wrap up on Monday.

A third jury panel of 65 potential jurors will be called upon for voir dire Tuesday.

On May 31, all jurors who are asked to come back from the three panels will be dwindled to 12 plus an undetermined amount of alternate jurors.


4 out of 10 potential jurors asked to come back for Antonio Armstrong Jr.’s trial

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