Antonio Armstrong Jr. trial heads into second week of jury selection

Three more jurors asked to return for final juror selection.

‘In my mind, it’s not the accused, it’s he killed his parents’: Prospective juror dismissed in AJ Armstrong re-trial for

HOUSTONAntonio Armstrong Jr. is one step closer to beginning the third trial brought against him for the murder of his parents, Dawn and Antonio.

On Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys spoke to the last five potential jurors from the first pool of 74 jurors.

Two women were dismissed, while two men and one woman were asked to return on May 31.

During the voir dire process, each potential juror tells the lawyers and judge about themselves. They describe their work, passions, family, and beliefs.

Jury selection will begin next month for AJ Armstrong's third trial

Two of the jurors shared they were overwhelmed by the process.

“It was a shock when I came in,” one juror said. “I wasn’t expecting this.”

One shared they were concerned about the financial strain a case like this could cause their family by missing work.

Two of the potential jurors shared they saw some type of media coverage on the trial recently.

“I’ve seen a TV thing go across,” the other juror told them. “The biggest thing for me was the date. It was my father’s birthday.”

One juror spent a few minutes explaining their career as a local journalist. The juror explained they provided an update on jury selection before becoming a juror.

“I wasn’t here long enough to give you the meat and potatoes,” that juror said. “I don’t know if it personally makes me feel one type of way.”

They both reaffirmed to the judge under oath that they did not openly seek the coverage, and will not as they continue the process.

Overall, 20 of the first 75 potential jurors were asked to come back on May 31.

Roughly 70 new potential jurors will arrive at court to begin their voir dire process Tuesday morning.

Antonio Armstrong Jr. awaits the beginning of his murder trial in Houston on April 2, 2019. (KPRC)

Antonio Armstrong was 16 years old when he was arrested and accused of killing his parents. He’s maintained his innocence the entire time and has the support of his surviving family members.

The case against Armstrong is expected to begin on June 5.

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