Victor Cuevas, suspect seen fleeing with Houston tiger, pens letter to India the tiger

New video emerge of Victor Cuevas and missing tiger

HOUSTON – Victor Cuevas, the suspect seen fleeing with a tiger in a west Houston neighborhood, pens a letter to India the tiger in an Instagram post on Wednesday night.

In the now-deleted post, Cuevas described his relationship with the tiger, writing that he was his “best friend, “teammate,” “workout buddy,” “dance partner” and his happiness. This was his first time talking about the incident from May 10.

Although Cuevas’ attorney has said in the past that his client does not own the tiger, the social media post described his plans of buying a “perfect 22-acre property 45 minutes from Houston.” Cuevas stated that he was weeks away from having everything finalized and how it was a lifelong dream.

Victor Cuevas pens a letter to India the tiger in an Instagram post on Wednesday night. (KPRC)
Victor Cuevas pens a letter to India the tiger in an Instagram post on Wednesday night. (KPRC)

Cuevas was arrested on May 11 on charges of evading arrest and murder but later released after he paid a $300,000 bond.

Investigators said Cuevas was out on bond for a murder charge the night the tiger named India got loose on May 9. Cuevas fled from Houston police with the tiger but he was later arrested and charged with evading arrest, prompting prosecutors to request the bond be revoked on the murder charge, according to the district attorney’s office. Two days later, Cuevas made bond in connection to the evading arrest charge and was released from a Fort Bend County Jail.

However, after a lengthy court appearance on May 14, a judge revoked the murder bond and ordered Cuevas back to jail. He has remained in jail since then.

According to the FBCSO, Cuevas had been booked in the Fort Bend County Jail on five other occasions for violation of his bond after the 2017 murder charge.

India the tiger is now settling in its new habitat. Officials with the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch said in a statement India was in a temporary sanctuary since he arrived on May 16. He transitioned smoothly into the new half-acre, naturally-wooded enclosure, and is doing well.

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