5 things for Houstonians to know for Tuesday, June 1

Samuel Olson (KPRC 2)

Here are things to know for Tuesday, June 1:

1. ‘We’ve had a very violent weekend:’ 10 homicides reported in Houston since Friday, HPD confirms

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner did not hold back with his assessment of the holiday weekend.

“We’ve had a very violent weekend, Memorial Day weekend,” said Finner.

It was blunt honesty from Chief Finner as police lights and crime scene tape decorated several locations around Houston over the holiday weekend.

KPRC 2 Investigates was able to identify a total of 10 homicides since Friday afternoon, according to city releases and reports.

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2. 74-year-old homeowner kills suspect who attempted to break into home in southeast Houston

It was like De Ja Vu for a homeowner who lives on Houston’s southeast side when a man tried to break into his home this Memorial Day.

He said several years ago, two men broke into his other house next door and robbed him at gunpoint.

Monday morning, an attempted home invader had a much different outcome.

“I yelled at him first (to) let him know that I’m aware of him in front of the house, in front of my window. It didn’t stop him at all,” said the homeowner who did not want to be identified.

Around 5 a.m. Monday, the homeowner said a moving shadow outside his window followed by sounds of an attempted home invasion forced him to think fast.

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3. Search warrant executed for missing 6-year-old boy from Webster

Houston police detectives and members of the forensic crime scene unit are executing a search warrant at an apartment where six-year-old Samuel Olson was staying for some period of time over the last few weeks. They are looking for any clues that would lead them to the whereabouts of the missing child.

At the same time, detectives are now saying that little Samuel may have been missing as far back as April 30, which is more than a month ago. Police said that the last verifiable place Samuel was seen was at his elementary school on April 30.

Olson’s father, Dalton Olson, and his girlfriend, Theresa Balboa, claimed the boy was last seen last Thursday in southwest Houston. That’s when Balboa says Samuel’s mother and a man dressed like a police officer came to her apartment and took the child.

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4. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vows to defund state Legislature after voting restrictions bill fails, threatening salaries

Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he would veto the section of the state budget that funds the Legislature, hours after a Democratic walkout killed his priority elections bill.

“No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities,” Abbott said in a tweet. “Stay tuned.”

Late Sunday night, enough Democrats left the House to break a quorum and block the passage of the elections bill, Senate Bill 7, before a midnight deadline. Calling the bill’s failure “deeply disappointing,” Abbott quickly made clear he would call a special session to get it passed, though he has not specified a timeline.

Abbott’s tweet referred to Article X of the budget, which pays lawmakers and staff and funds legislative agencies, such as the Legislative Budget Board. The budget covers the fiscal year beginning Sept. 1.

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5. TABC suspends Cle’s liquor license for 7 days following deadly shooting

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has suspended the liquor license for the Houston nightclub Cle following a shooting on Monday.

Officials from the TABC informed KPRC 2 that the length of the liquor license suspension will be for seven days to help facilitate an investigation into a shooting in which two people died (including an armed suspect) and another two injured, with one still in the hospital in critical condition while the other has been released.

“TABC has issued a summary seven-day suspension of Cle’s license to sell alcohol following the incident Monday morning. The agency was notified of the shooting early Monday and immediately began an investigation, which remains underway. Once the seven-day summary suspension has ended, the club can resume operations pending the results of the investigation,” the TABC wrote.

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