74-year-old homeowner kills suspect who attempted to break into home in southeast Houston

A southeast Houston homeowner killed a suspect who tried to break in his home

HOUSTON – It was like De Ja Vu for a homeowner who lives on Houston’s southeast side when a man tried to break into his home this Memorial Day.

He said several years ago, two men broke into his other house next door and robbed him at gunpoint.

Monday morning, an attempted home invader had a much different outcome.

“I yelled at him first (to) let him know that I’m aware of him in front of the house, in front of my window. It didn’t stop him at all,” said the homeowner who did not want to be identified.

Around 5 a.m. Monday, the homeowner said a moving shadow outside his window followed by sounds of an attempted home invasion forced him to think fast.

“He busted the windows out with both hands. The first thing that comes to my mind is to grab my pistol and shoot him one time,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner said instead of backing down, the would-be intruder became even more aggressive.

“Came right back in through that window again. I didn’t know if he had something or not because everything happened so fast. After I shot him twice, he left and I didn’t come out the door anymore,” the homeowner said.

The soon-to-be 75-year-old victim said he called the police and waited for them to arrive. Police said they found the suspect collapsed outside of the front window.

“He was face down, somewhat, and I didn’t even walk over there to him,” the homeowner said.

He said he recently borrowed the pistol he used from his friend, hoping to avoid another break-in after being held up in his other house next door several years ago.

“I’m putting the trash out, go back to the house, and two men came up with pistols and told me to get down. They walked me inside the house, ran through the house and could find nothing, and then asked me where was the safe,” the homeowner explained.

In that case, he said the robbers escaped with a chain.

Now, neighbors are disturbed by what happened Monday morning, but glad the homeowner wasn’t taken advantage of again.

“How I look at it, it’s self-defense, ” said one neighbor.

“I hated to shoot him, but I had no choice,” the homeowner said.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the man who was killed.

Meanwhile, the homeowner who has lived in the area all his life and says he loves the neighborhood, tells us it’s time for him to move.

HPD says the case will head over to a grand jury to determine whether charges will be filed.

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