5 things for Houstonians to know for Monday, July 13

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Here are things you need to know for Monday, July 13:

1. Slab Sunday ends with multiple arrests, including one charged with making terroristic threats against HPD officer

Slab Sunday, a celebration of low riders, exotic cars and hip hop music, ended in multiple arrests Sunday, according to Houston Police Department.

Officials said they had to deal with a large number of vehicles doing burnouts disrupting the traffic along Martin Luther King Blvd. in Houston.

When officers went to break up the event, a pursuit occurred with one vehicle, and two HPD vehicles collided, according to HPD.

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2. ‘We opened too quickly, too soon’: Mayor Turner proposes a shutdown as city’s COVID-19 case count rises

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Saturday proposed a shutdown, arguing it was necessary as COVID-19 cases have climbed steadily in recent weeks.

“We have to acknowledge the fact that we opened too quickly, too soon,” said Turner. “We have to acknowledge the fact that the numbers are continuing to rise. We have to recognize the fact that not everybody is going to put on this mask. Let’s just be real, even with the requirement. Knowing all of that and knowing what works, you’ve got to recalibrate.”

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3. As Texas morgues fill up, refrigerator trucks are on the way in several counties

As Texas continues a weeks-long streak of setting grim coronavirus records, the most somber one was reached Friday: The virus has killed 3,013 people, according to the Department of State Health Services

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4. University of Houston designs air filter that can ‘catch and kill’ COVID-19

University of Houston researchers designed a “catch and kill” air filter that can trap COVID-19, killing it almost instantly, according to a release from the University of Houston.

Researchers reported that virus tests at the Galveston National Laboratory found 99.8% of the novel SARS-CoV-2 — which causes COVID-19 —was killed in a single pass through the filter, which is made from nickel foam.

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5. Houston-area water park responds to public criticism of social distancing efforts

Social media is reacting to a water park in the Houston-area for failing to follow COVID-19 health regulations.

Typhoon Texas in Katy recently live-streamed a video that received a lot of comments from people criticizing guests for failing to social distance. Some called for Judge Lina Hidalgo to shut down operations.

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July 13, 1960: In Los Angeles, Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts is nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party Convention, defeating Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas. The next day, Johnson was named Kennedy’s running mate by a unanimous vote of the convention.


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