Ticketmaster, LiveNation backtrack, ease refund policy for postponed and rescheduled events

HOUSTON – Ticketmaster and its parent company LiveNation appear to be easing up and relaxing a stringent refund policy that stuck thousands of consumers with the cost of event tickets, even when the events were canceled on the originally scheduled date.

We told you about Phyllis Bailey’s efforts to get a refund when the March concert she planned to attend was rescheduled for August. Bailey didn’t feel comfortable committing to a large concert at this time. She wanted a refund instead, but Ticketmaster declined her request.

The Psychedelic Furs concert Houstonian Christina Willis was planning to attend on April 22 was postponed. Ticketmaster told her she wasn’t eligible for a refund because her tickets would “still be good” for the new show on March 24, 2022.

“If they had postponed to a reasonable date, I would have been okay with that. I think that’s a reasonable thing to do,” Willis said. “But to postpone it for two years and not give me options, that’s not okay.”

Ticketmaster is getting a lot of flack for the issue. Two Democratic Congressmembers wrote the company Friday demanding answers and calling Ticketmaster’s’ “decision to confiscate their (customers') money... reprehensible.”

Ticketmaster said starting May 1, once postponed shows set new dates, fans will begin receiving emails from Ticketmaster to initiate a full refund. Fans will have 30 days to request a refund. Otherwise, their ticket will be good for the rescheduled date.

Here is a statement from Live Nation:

?Live Nation will soon be rolling out Rock When You’re Ready, a full program of options for fans with tickets to shows that have been cancelled or rescheduled. Our venues across North America will be offering loyal fans a variety of Concert Cash credits to put towards future ticket purchases. For cancelled shows fans can choose to receive up to 150% of their ticket value as Concert Cash, and for rescheduled shows they will receive Concert Cash once they attend the new date. Those looking for ways to give back can opt to donate their tickets to health care workers through Live Nation’s expanded Hero Nation program. And anyone who needs or wants their money back will have the option to get a full refund within 30 days once a show has been canceled or new dates have been finalized. It takes an entire ecosystem to bring live events to life, and we appreciate the patience of fans as our teams work through the details of shifting these shows with artists, venues, and communities around the world. Exact offers will vary based on show and venue, and will be shared directly with ticketholders when they are available, beginning May 1."

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