CHARTS: Track the number of Houston-area coronavirus cases, recoveries and deaths each day

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HOUSTON – More than 1,485,900 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Greater Houston area since the virus first arrived in the region in early March. More than 1,300,100 recoveries have been reported and more than 13,400 people have died.

The first Houston-area case was reported in Fort Bend County on March 4, 2020. Between March 4 and March 15, a total of 41 cases were reported in the area. The bulk of cases in the Houston area have been reported after March 15, 2020.

The number of reported recoveries fluctuated drastically between Aug. 1, 2021 to Aug. 3, 2021 after health officials said they changed the criteria of what constitutes recovery.

On Sept. 22, 2021, there was a large fluctuation in the number of newly reported cases because of a backlog being cleared in Harris County.

The first chart below shows the number of coronavirus cases reported in the Houston area each day since March 15 along with the total number of reported cases. Officials have said the cases reported each day can include a backlog of results from earlier tests and that death reporting can be delayed by days or even weeks.

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The second chart below shows a seven-day rolling average of newly reported cases in the Houston area each day since March 15.

The third chart below tracks the total number of coronavirus cases reported in the Houston area against the total number of recoveries and deaths that have been reported. This chart begins on April 26, which was the start of the week that led up to the end of the Texas stay-home order.

Data for the previous day will be added Monday through Friday mornings.

You can read more about the total number of Houston-area cases, deaths and recoveries here.

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