CHART: Track the number of coronavirus cases, recoveries and deaths in the Greater Houston area


HOUSTON – Here is a quick look at the coronavirus cases that have been reported in the Greater Houston area.

Austin County: 2,219 cases, 37 deaths, 2,179 recoveries

Officials ask people to get the latest information about COVID-19 cases in Austin Country from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services here.

Brazoria County: 37,155 total cases, 444 deaths, 36,215 recoveries

Information about the cases in Brazoria County can be found at

NOTE: As of June 8, officials in Brazoria County said they are no longer going to report the Department of Criminal Justice cases in the county’s total. This caused the number of reported cases in the county to substantially drop.

Brazos County: 23,756 total cases, 254 deaths, 23,283 recoveries

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