TCEQ monitoring air quality following fire at chemical plant in San Jacinto County: What we know so far

SAN JACINTO COUNTY, Texas – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is monitoring the air quality following a massive fire at the Sound Resource Solutions plant that prompted evacuations and a shelter-in-place in San Jacinto County Wednesday.

TCEQ deployed mobile air monitoring units to the area that will continue to monitor the air throughout the night and into Friday.

At this time, TCEQ officials said no concerning readings have been detected during sampling. Its mobile command post will remain at the site until further notice.

San Jacinto County Emergency Management reported Thursday morning that Sound Resource Solutions contractors are working to contain alcohol chemical leaks from on-site tanker trailers. OEM reported there was no hazard to the public from the tanker leaks. Shepherd and Oakhurst volunteer fire departments are on-site to assist with extinguishing any remaining hotspots.

Watch the full news conference with San Jacinto County OEM below:

According to officials, the chemicals reported to be stored at the plant for the past two reporting years are:

  • Wood Turpentine
  • Phosphoric Acid 75%
  • Xylene, Diesel Fuel
  • IMP-IC2012
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • CDA-121
  • CCI-1001-Imidazoline
  • NP 9
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • IMB-BAC-2
  • AZA-121 Dispersant, and
  • Acetic Acid

According to Polk County OEM, the chemicals can have various health effects, such as acute toxicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, serious eye damage or eye irritation, skin corrosion or irritation, aspiration hazard, respiratory or skin sensitization, and organ toxicity.

Officials urged anyone who was exposed or experienced symptoms related to the chemical plant fire to contact a health care provider and the Texas Department of State Health Services Hotline at 866-310-9698. Those with questions regarding possible exposure to chemicals are urged to call the Texas Poison Center Network at 800-222-1222.

“As this incident transitions to clean-up and remediation, we also have staff on standby for any water sampling or technical assistance that may be necessary,” a statement from TCEQ read. “As with any incident of this nature, we will conduct a thorough investigation.”

Fire crews were also out overnight watching the property. Officials said the fire started from a forklift incident. The forklift operator was burned and taken to the hospital but is thankfully recovering.

Sound Resource Solutions President Geoff Harfield and TCEQ promised transparency throughout the investigation.


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