5 things for Houstonians to know for Friday, June 11

610 construction
610 construction (KPRC 2)

Here are things to know for Friday, June 11:

1. Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting during traffic stop in Fulshear, officials say

According to local law enforcement, an investigation is underway after a suspect was killed by a Fulshear police officer Thursday morning.

The shooting was reported around 10:40 a.m. during a traffic stop outside of Fulshear High School in the 9300 block of Charger Way. However, sources say the incident does not involve the school.

Police said the suspect ran a stop sign, which led to him being pulled over. The suspect complied and pulled over, but when the officer discovered the man had an active arrest warrant in Virginia for drugs, the suspect got agitated while the officer tried to detain him.

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2. ‘He’s a predator.’ Police searching for more victims after man charged with indecency with child

Oak Ridge North Police said they arrested a man on Wednesday who has since been charged with a felony for indecency with a minor.

Police said the suspect is Yobani Martinez-Mendoza, 25, who remains behind bars in the Montgomery County Jail.

“He met this girl at a what we’re understanding was some type of juvenile party,” said Police Chief Tom Libby. “From this incident, from what we’ve learned and seen in his actions, he’s a predator.”

According to investigators, they spotted a car in a vacant lot on Monday. Inside, police said they found Martinez-Mendoza half-dressed along with a 14-year-old girl he met months before at a party.

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3. Gov. Greg Abbott announces Texas will begin building border wall

Gov. Greg Abbott hosted a Border Security Summit Thursday in Del Rio. During the summit, he announced that Texas will build a border wall along the state’s boundary with Mexico

Texas sheriffs, police chiefs, county judges, mayors, and landowners were invited to attend the summit to hear from state officials on the actions that Texas is taking to secure the southern border and address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, according to Abbott.

Abbott declared his plans during a press conference in Del Rio. He said he would discuss the plans next week. The Biden administration issued a proclamation that stopped border wall construction on his first day of office.

Abbott announced the news while discussing a slew of border initiatives, such as a $1 billion allocation for border security in the state budget lawmakers just passed and a plan to establish a Governor’s Task Force on Border and Homeland Security with public safety and state government officials.

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4. It’s official: 59/610 West Loop northbound ramp is closed, construction currently underway

Due to all the rain we had last week, the Texas Department of Transportation decided to postpone the major 59-610 ramp closure impacting folks traveling towards the Galleria area. Well, after much-needed drier weather, the closure kicked off Thursday evening -- 9 p.m. sharp!

This massive road closure will affect thousands of drivers each day, so if you’re reading this newsletter and live in Fort Bend County or anywhere near Sharpstown area and you use the northbound connector ramp to the West Loop northbound main lanes, that closure will happen first, Thursday night. So that means you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to get to work and avoid this closure Friday morning.

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5. HISD board approves $2,500 pay increase for teachers

Houston ISD teachers will soon receive a pay increase, according to HISD’s Board of Education.

During a Thursday night board meeting, HISD’s Board of Education unanimously approved a $2.2 billion budget for the 2021-2022 school year, which includes an amendment for a $2,500 pay raise in addition to the step increase for employees on the teacher pay scale schedule.

The budget also includes raises for elementary school principals and all assistant principals and deans.

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