Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, discusses the death of 5-year-old Samuel Olson

HOUSTON – Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch, shared his thoughts regarding the death of 5-year-old Samuel Olson. His search team stepped in to help search for Olson before the child’s body was found in a Jasper motel on June 1.

“I told her, ‘I’m really disappointed in you. Everything you just told the world is a lie,’” Miller told KPRC 2. “And there was absolutely no emotion in him, she just looked at me and she said yes sir.”

Miller, who is no stranger to horrific and challenging cases, said he was skeptical when Theresa Balboa, the child’s father’s girlfriend, said Olson was taken by his mother and a man posing as an officer.

‘I can barely breathe’: Samuel Olson’s father tells KPRC 2 what he would say to his jailed girlfriend Theresa Balboa about his son

“The morning we start with search I actually force Theresa to do an interview (and) put out there what she knew,” he said.

However, what Balboa told investigators at the time, is not what court documents illustrate happen the days before the child was reported missing.

According to court documents, Olson was dead two weeks before his father reported him missing to law enforcement on May 27. His body was at a Webster apartment that Balboa shared with a roommate for days before she allegedly took the body to a storage facility. Investigators later found the child’s body in Jasper,

“It was a huge shock to everybody in the family, but I don’t think it was a shock to anybody outside the family,” he said.

But one big question remains: Why did Samuel Olson die?

“I let that family know, no matter if Theresa comes out and says how and why it happened, there is never going to be an answer that is satisfying,” Miller said.

Balboa is expected to appear in court on charges that she tampered with evidence, namely a human corpse.

Other charges could be announced once the medical examiner completes the autopsy.