Thank you, Phil: Look back at the 44-year career of KPRC 2 senior reporter Phil Archer

Former KPRC 2 anchor Bill Balleza talks with KPRC 2 senior reporter Phil Archer about his 44-year career.

After telling Houston’s story for more than four decades, KPRC 2 senior reporter Phil Archer is retiring.

All this week, KPRC 2 has been looking back at the 44 years Archer spent at the station.

Here’s a closer look at his expansive journalism career.

Best wishes, Phil. Thanks for everything!

KPRC 2 legends meet again

KPRC 2 anchor Bill Balleza came out of his own retirement to turn the tables on Archer and interview him. They discussed the changes in technology over the years, Phil being attacked in the 1978 Moody Park riots, and what Phil calls the biggest story of his career -- COVID-19. Bill retired just before the pandemic and Phil is retiring as more and more people are being vaccinated. Both Bill and Phil have received the vaccine. They also talk about Phil’s hopes for retirement, his passion for horses and the Rodeo, the support he’s received from the love of his life -- his wife Joy -- and much more.

Former KPRC 2 anchor Bill Balleza interviews retiring KPRC 2 reporter Phil Archer about his four decades of reporting in Houston.

Four decades as Houston’s newsman

Archer started his career at KPRC 2 as an overnight police-beat reporter. Here’s a look at the legendary newsman’s career.

His love of the Rodeo

A true cowboy, Archer never missed a chance to don his Stetson and head to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Always giving back

Whenever blood was needed, Archer was there. He encouraged Houstonians to roll up their sleeves when donations were needed the most.

Not only has he reported about saving lives, but he's actually saved lives. During Phil's 44 year journey as a reporter, he's done countless of stories on the MD Anderson blood drive.

That time he helped save a dog

It’s an unwritten rule among journalists that we are never to become the story. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. In 2016, while covering the Memorial Day floods, Archer made news when he waded into the water to help save a dog that had been chained up on a porch.

Sometimes reporters become part of the stories they're covering. Phil Archer did just that during a flood in 2016.

Reflecting on 44 years of covering Houston

Archer spent some time on his last day at KPRC 2, reflecting on the city he has been covering for more than four decades.

KPRC 2's Phil Archer reflects his 44 years covering the news in Houston.

‘Overwhelmed’ by well-wishes

Archer said he has been “overwhelmed” by all of the well-wishes he’s received since his retirement was announced. He said he plans to do “retirement stuff” when he finishes reporting.

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