Send Phil Archer your well-wishes


KPRC 2′s senior reporter Phil Archer is retiring this week after nearly 45 years of covering the news in Houston.

We’d like our viewers to help wish him well. You can send in your messages to Phil using the form below. We might even use your message in one of our newscasts.

Thanks for helping us wish Phil a happy retirement.

Scroll down to read some of the messages you have sent in.

Messages from you

Here are some of the messages you have sent in to wish Phil a happy retirement. Thanks, and keep them coming!

Ms Adams: Thank you Phil for bringing us the news, we will miss you!!

Jessica Michan: Phil! What a class act. Always professional, always persistent, and a great reporter. A Houston icon in broadcasting news for sure. You will be missed!

Kim Tovar: I have watched you my entire life. Viewers could always count on your integrity and compassion. Wishing you the very best!

Cristina S.: You’re awesome..Thank you for 45 years of keeping Houston informed. Enjoy your retirement!! WE WILL MISS YOU!!

Fred Baker: Phil, KPRC newscast, without you, will not be the same . You have been a vital and very important news reporter for many years and you will certainly be missed. May the good Lord bless and keep you.

Mitzi Dailey: Congratulations on a job well done! You have been a happy addition to my home throughout my life in this part of texas, 35 years. Thank you for your commitment to your craft and our community.

Carol Cepon: Have truly loved watching your reports and stories all of these years and hearing your soothing and distinct voice. May you enjoy the remaining days of your life in peace, love and happiness always!

J and J Barrett: Though we have moved from Houston, we saw notice of your retirement on Click 2 Houston. We always enjoyed your clear and insightful reporting. Best wishes with whatever your future plans hold.

Willie grimes107: The best is yet to come. Happy retirement

Rebecca Frame: Enjoy your retirement!

Jessie Carroll: Wishing you the best. You are second to none at what you do. I have never seen a bad Phil Archer story. Your present will be missed.

Bob Bahar: Sincere THANKS for a job WELL DONE. Informative, accurate, and timely communication of the events happening in our world.... Enjoy your retirement, as I am!!!!!

Isaac Avilucea: Phil was key in raising funds for me while I was fighting for my life all the way in PA in December 2016 after being diagnosed with Stage IIIC testicular cancer. Much love from a NJ reporter.

Belinda Carson: I pray you have a wonderful retirement. Go out & do all the things you always wanted to do or try but be safe. Get lots of rest & quality time with your family. Thanks for all your hard work for us.

Sean Whale Wood: Congratulations on your Retirement and thanks for the memories.

Amy Robinson: Hi Phil! In 1988 you were reporting the Houston Livestock Show and my 4-yr old, Joel, was there in his cowboy hat and boots. You mentioned him on the news, and we will always remember. Happy Retirement!

David Bustillos: Happy trails friend of Houston. God Bless you and may you enjoy every minute of your retirement, you’ve earned it. God Speed!

Valerie Kuczbel: I moved to the greater Houston area in 1988 and have enjoyed your unbiased reporting ever since. You will be missed but I send you warm wishes on your retirement. Enjoy.

Micael: I am so happy for you Phil

Raymond Laws: Phil, Thanks so much for all you’ve done. My Dad was a reporter, so I know there are a lot of difficult situations you had to go through. Enjoy your retirement.

Janey Chambers: Always enjoyed your reporting. Like your voice and the way you tilt your head. Just glad you stayed in Houston. Have a nephew that anchors in San Diego, Steve Atkinson. He went to Taylor High School.

Faith Lao: Thank you for your years of service to the community! Houston will miss seeing you on the news! Happy retirement Mr. Archer!

Dee Tobias: Thank you for your professionalism and integrity always in your reporting. I wish you a happy retirement- you will be missed.

John W Martin: have been a steady fixture here in this fair city for going on your 6th’ll be hard to imagine a night not hearing that straight shooter no-nonsense voice anymore. Happy Trails!

Scott Guenther: Growing up in Houston area, I always felt you gave the most honest and accurate information as a journalist. Thank you for your service to the community and its people. Enjoy!

Ray Lusky: I know 45years at KPRC is a long time, and over does years I am sure you received some great memories. Phil the next 45 years will be just the being of some more great memories. Wishing you the best.

P Hite: Thank you for always providing us with the news in a factual, caring, considerate, and professional manner. We are going to miss you.

Michael W Crow: All the youngsters start their report, everyday/ every time with “well”. Well Dominique, well Bill etc. You could report your assignments simply and clearly w/out a crutch.

Phillip Tusa: Hello Phil Archer, Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement! I’ve been watching your reporting at KPRC for years. Good luck to you, Sir.

Melinda Moore: The year you arrived at Channel 2, is the same year my husband and I got married. We have enjoyed watching you report the news in Houston all our married life. Blessings to you as you retire!

Patricia Foster: Thank You for your wonderful service to the Houston area and the surrounding region. You went above and beyond. God Bless You in your retirement. 💜🙏🏻💜

Margaret Petersen: Congratulations Phil on your retirement. Will miss your terrific reporting. Best of luck in the future.

Pat Kasprzak: Congrats! Thank you for your wonderful years of service to Houston. You are a true journalist. Your coverage of Hurricane Harvey was very helpful and calming.

Terri Morgan: Thank you Phil for your dedication to bringing us the news day in and day out. I’ve always seeing you and your reporting. You will be sorely missed. Enjoy your retirement.

Ted and Fran Jordan: Thank you Phil for bringing the accurate and on the scene reality of the news as it was happening, to us all of these years’ sir. Enjoy your well-earned and deserved retirement and thank you!!

Joe: Always enjoyed seeing you every day!! Thank you for your reporting

Naim & Elyce Nasseri: We have enjoyed channel 2 news and your commentary since coming to USA in 1992. Thank you for your service to the community. Enjoy your retirement!

Freda: Enjoy your retirement Phil!! You will be missed by us viewers. I have been a fan for years.

John Healey: Shocked at this news. In my 37 years at the DA office of Ft. Bend, you were the best TV journalist, hands down. Thank you for your fairness and thoroughness over the years. I will miss your work.

Dan: Phil it has been a pleasure watching you on TV I have only been in Texas for 10 years and KPRC 2 and you were the first news program I watched and only watch have a safe and happy retirement.

Janaica Johnson: Enjoy your time and enjoy your life with sailing and plenty of sun!! You will be truly missed!! Happy Retirement Uncle Phil!!!

Russ: Best wishes. Enjoy the break, sir- well earned!

Karen Meyer Ryals: Thank you so much for being a part of my life for many years! Your voice has been soothing to hear and I appreciate the time and energy you gave with each story you told! Have some fun!

Debbie Derleth: Thank you fill for being a friendly face always willing to go the extra mile for a story for the entire 42 years I have been in Houston. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Janet Dominguez: Congratulations Phil Enjoy Your Retirement Relax, Read, take a trip, Enjoy Family Thank you for your 45 yrs. Janet Dominguez

Ronda Hinson: Congratulations on your retirement!

Carol Andrews: Phil- you interviewed me in 1981 at Sharpstown High School about the drinking age being raised. My grandmother was so proud! Hah! Seriously though, thank you for the years of great reports.

Mary Noshari: I hope you enjoy your new adventures. We will miss your calm, professional style. Kay

Pete Montoya Jr: Happy to have you join us in the retirement group. The best for you, enjoy. 👍👍👍

Beth: Thanks for always keeping it real. You are a true journalist and will be missed. Best wishes as you enter this new phase of your life!

Debby Capps: Dear Phil, Thank you for the many years of hard work and great journalism. Enjoy your retirement and I wish you well.

Richard V Beaty: Your coverage of Harvey Hero’s featuring a rescue at Pondarosa Forrest was excellent! I appreciate the kind words you said about me. I have never before been recognized as a hero - thanks

Polly Clauder: We have enjoyed watching Phil Archer give details of news events because he always seemed to get it together in a simple, easy to understand direct way. Only facts, no drama.

Lonnie Meadows: Congratulations -we have all grown a little older together and thoroughly enjoyed your reports. You always had the ability to capture your subject’s shadows. Well done sir.

Lynn Johnson: Thanks Phil for your years of service. Enjoy your retirement.

Michael Boydston: I moved to Houston when I was 8 years old in 1991, 30 years later you are still here in my home almost every single day. My 18-year-old daughter was basically raised on your reporting. May god bless you.

Meghan Morales: Aww Phil we sure are going to miss you! Relax and enjoy retirement!

Don Sorce: Congrats, well deserved. We will miss you.🥂

Mary Castillo: Many, many thanks for your excellent news reporting. We will miss you!! But, now it’s time for you to sit back and relax!! Congratulations for a job well done. Mary Castillo

Barbi Messier: I met Phil years ago as he was doing a story. I ran out to take a selfie as I’m such a fan of him and channel 2 news. He will be missed by me and all of Houston viewers. Wish him all the best!

Carmen Sewell: Going to miss your straightforward and lucid reporting. Hope you enjoy a long and happy retirement.

Nancy Tompkins: Thank you Mr Archer! I’ve always enjoyed your reporting. Sorry to see you go, but enjoy your retirement ❤️

Tony Hernandez (Haley’s Dad): Thank you for all the years Mr. Archer!!!

Louis Rucker: Phil I no longer live in the Houston area, however, while I was there, I watched you broadcast on channel 2. Have a great retirement I am enjoying mine in North Carolina.

Thomas Gray HM1 USN (Ret): You are a true class act Mr. Archer. Our first year here in Houston, Hurricane Harvey hit. We watched you on KPRC constantly. (Remember Arch the Dog?) We love you Phil!!! Enjoy your Retirement!!!

Nancy s Goan: Phil, you are such a great reporter. We sure will miss you. Have a great retirement. You deserve it.

Lee Bailey: All the best in your retirement Phil! Thank you for the many great years of your top-notch reporting. - The Bailey family

Jeremy: Thank you for all the years Phil! You will be missed!

Gabriel: Wow...45 years. I remember since I was a little kid. Thanks for reporting the news all those years. Enjoy your retirement.

Diana Lea Benson: Here’s to wishing you a most wonderful and blessed retirement Phil! Thanks for your hard work.

Shirley Milligan: On. No. Phil Archer is one of my favorite news personalities in the entire Houston area, his-reporting is always perfect and unbiased. I am sorry to see him go we are losing too many of the good ones.

Sheryl Smith: Hi Phil. I’ve been watching you for 25+ years. The story I remember you most in was when you waded through chest deep water to rescue a dog during Hurricane Harvey. Have a blessed retirement.

Evelyn: Wishing you a fun and happy retirement!

David Wooten, Sr.: I enjoyed your reporting and will miss you. You could re-grow your mustache and add a beard and go another-- who knows. Dave Wooten Jesse Mabasa: Thank you. Enjoy and have a good life.

Gerald Bemberg: Thanks Phil for being one of the final few OBJECTIVE people in the news industry-I always appreciated your interest in finding out the truth, not just blasting out a headline for the ratings.

Monty Johnston: Phil, we moved to Houston from Dallas in 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed your professional reporting for all 13 years!! Job well done! You deserve a relaxing retirement! Best of luck.

Robin O’Neal: Congratulations on your retirement Phil! You’re a trustworthy journalist and a man of integrity! You will be missed! We wish you the very best!!

Pamela M: Have enjoyed your reporting over the years! Enjoy your retirement years!

Randy Schield: A true professional. I hope you enjoy a long and happy

Bob Mitchell: Best of luck to a pro. You were always so poised, calm when things were happening. You had that Walter Cronkite kind of trustworthiness that I always admired. Enjoy retirement, Phil. You earned it.

Kay: Thanks for all your years of reporting what I wanted to know.

Kim: We will miss you Phil! I grew up watching you. Enjoy your retirement

Sally Whong: Good luck on your retirement

Steve Clements: Phil, your area consummate pro and I thank you for the decades of great reporting you have done! Now, go fishing! Daily.

Jerry Gatten: Now the fun begins. Happy retirement Phil!!!!

Janice Story: Phil, thank you for covering the news in Houston with your enthusiasm. Congratulations on your retirement!

Joseph Ochoa: Hey Phil, you’re going to love retirement. Think about this, no more traffic to deal with, no more dry cleaning, won’t be filling up the car with gas every two weeks, and every day will be a Saturday.

Audrey S.: Thanks for all your excellent reporting & hard work at KPRC for 45 years. You have always been a voice of reason for Houston! Enjoy your next adventure to the fullest!!

Heather: Thank you so much for your news over the years. I hope you enjoy retirement!!!!! It’s been an absolute blast seeing and hearing you throughout the years. Best of wishes to you and your family!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Lohr: We wish you well in your much-deserved retirement. It will be sad to see you leave because journalism like yours is hard to come by. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Carol Barta: Thank you Phil for being in our “family” on KPRC. We are now just one county west of receiving the Houston stations, but I stay “in tune” to Channel 2 via FB and emails! ENJOY RETIREMENT!!!

Antonia Morua: Phil, Congrats on your Retirement!! I have been watching you since you first started working at Channel 2!! Your one of the best Reporters, very detailed and professional! May God bless you!

Carolyn Powell: We will miss you. Have a good Life:)

Gary Roberts: Phil, you have been a fixture in Houston for so long! Thank you for all your knowledge!

Maureen Schuster: I have watched you for quite a while Phil and always enjoyed your reporting Enjoy your retirement and take time to have fun.

Linda Macdonald: Thank you so very much for your many years of professional journalism. I know my late husband Bill Macdonald spoke highly of you and enjoyed chatting with you about old times and new news.

Michelle Silies: Have enjoyed your reporting through the years. All the best for your retirement. God bless!

Curtis Scales: Good luck and enjoy from retired HPD homicide.

BB D.: Congratulations Phil, wishing you a great retirement. It’s been great watching you all these years on KPRC 2. Thanks for being such a great cameraman and reporter all these years, you will be missed.👍

GV: Your remarkable journalism will always be remembered and serves as a vital roadmap for future journalists.

Carolina: Thank you very much for so many years of service to the community! Have fun, we are going to miss you.

Donna Bush: Congratulations and best wishes.

Terri Baker: Thank you for all the years of quality reporting. The news media definitely needs more like you. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement Phil Archer!

Frances Hyles: Good luck! I have enjoyed watching you while living near Houston. Living in Austin, I still keep up with Click2Houston just because y’all are the best. You are a First Class Reporter, ,Enjoy Retirement!

Melanie Mechura: Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement!! Will miss seeing you on the news!!

Mark Lewis: Mr Archer, I wish you all the very best in retirement. We’re originally from the UK and when we arrived more than 10 years ago one looks for news reported clearly and honestly, and you were that for us

Staccee Shupe: Best wishes on YOUR retirement. I have watched you since you first started at CH.2. You are going to REALLY be MISSED but forever LOVED. Now sleep late, relax more, but most of ALL enjoy retirement.

Ruth Pearson: Enjoy yourself and start completing your bucket list dreams. Sleep late, relax and have some ‘me’ time. We will miss you!

Sharon McNeill: Phil - For my 42 years here, your work as a reporter and anchor has been an integral part of my news life. Thank you for your dedication to Houston. You will truly be missed. Good luck and God bless!

Rebecca Rogers: Congrats!! See you next year at Ranchers!!

Deanna Strawn: Congratulations! We’ve been watching you since we moved to Houston almost 40 years ago! One of the top reporters around. Enjoy your retirement!!! 👏👏👏

Roland: You will be greatly missed. Enjoy your new adventure in life!! Be safe

Joe Vara: Hi Phil, I always enjoyed seeing you at the courthouse. You covered a story professionally and accurately - can’t ask more than that from a reporter. Hope to see you at the Rodeo next year.

Robin: Wishing you a very happy retirement Mr. Phil Archer you will be missed ❤️

Richard Kranz: Thanks for the great 45-year ride. You set the standard for journalism in Houston. Congrats on a well-deserved retirement.

Garnett Jane Barham: Phil, you are one of the Best ever!!! Congratulations on a great career 👍

Susan: Congrats on your retirement Phil! We looked forward to your reports and are sad to see you go. I felt as if I knew you since your Dad and mine (Lester) were friends. Best of health and happiness!

Brenda K: You are more valuable than a precious gemstone. I have set up with you holding on to my seat when you’re going though storm’s war’s floods everything no one else would want to be!! Thank you so much.

Dennis Macel: Phil ---- a true professional and we enjoyed seeing you every time. a real class act! enjoy your retirement.

Mary Clare Ward: At our house we always stopped everything to hear your reporting! Thank you for doing a good job.

Susan and Mark Briggs: A true Texas Icon! Thank you for your many years of service to us, your viewers. Best Wishes to you on your retirement! God Bless You Phil Archer!

Jim: You will be missed; we’ve been appreciative of your reporting skills for at least 3 decades. Hate to lose you during these times.

Yolanda Sosa: You are one the best reporters I watch you on tv with my parents he knows to give the facts and always got to the bottom of the problem. You’re going to be deeply missed enjoy your retirement.

Roger G: I’ve been watching you since I arrived here in 1990. Thanks for all what you have done to us, your TV audience! Good Luck and Godspeed!

Daniel Sachtleben: Enjoy your retirement.

Peggy Lancaster: Enjoy your retirement.

Cheryl Mayo: Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉❤️ an wishing you best wishes on your new journey ❤️ you will be missed.

Chad Bushnell: Phil- I’ve been in Houston for 35 years & always thought of you as one of the hard-working shinning stars. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement- out of the really overpaid your dues.

Timothy Ziifle: Happy Retirement. Go fishing buddy.

Carolyn: As a longtime fan I will miss your Texas charm and absolute professionalism. Happy Retirement and best wishes!

Craig Murphy: Celebrating you as you retire Phil! Here’s to taking the wide-open years ahead of you and turning them into an adventure!

April Chetwood: Thank you for the years of service of reporting the news to our community You will be missed.

Ross E: Simply the best!!! Very best wishes Phil, congrats on great career!!

Tommy Hathaway (Texas Santa): Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for you many years of service. May I suggest that after you retire, like I have done after mine, that you do nothing and don’t start that very early.

Denise Knape: Thank for your dedication and compassion. You will truly be missed Hope to catch up with you on the trails one day. God Bless and Happy Trails

Linda Jenkins: Wishes for you in the next adventure Thank you for giving top knot professional reporting

Laura Solyom: Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Phil! Our family has truly enjoyed your reports, the heartbreaking and the heartfelt stories. You are the Golden Standard! Now Go Have fun!!

Tanner: I’ve been watching you for 21 years you never disappoint during the rodeo during the stories during the good times and bad and during everything he just never disappoint good luck during retirement.

Sue Fehl: Phil I have watched and enjoyed your Journalistic professionalism for your entire career. Your one in a million.

Albert: Enjoy your retirement you have earned it. Fair winds and following sea.

John Link: I wish you well on your retirement although we have always enjoyed seeing you on the news. You were one of the true professionals on Click2Hou news.

Shawn W: Thank you for your 45 years. Best wishes on a HAPPY RETIREMENT! 🎉🎊🎈

Marisa Rodriguez: Phil Archer, you have had a long and successful career and that speaks volumes. You will surely be missed seeing you daily, but you deserve your retirement. Enjoy your new chapter in your life. 🙂

Sylvia Holub: Dear Phil, to me you are THE HARRY SMITH of Houston. thanks for all your hard work and honesty. ENJOY THE STILLNESS.!! ❤️❤️

Gail Fry: Best wishes for your retirement!

Tammy Hoff: I will miss seeing you on the news. You have lots to do in your retirement and make lots of memories. Live every day like it’s your last! God bless you and all you do!

Nora: You will be greatly missed. Much joy to you & yours on your retirement. God bless you abundantly. Sincerely, Nora.

JW: Congratulations on a Wonderful Career! You have always delivered news & events in a Professional Manner w/o trying to force your opinions on your viewers! You will be Missed!

P Rabourn: I remember you for saving a dog during Harvey, that makes you a hero in my books. Thanks for your years of impeccable news reporting. You will be missed! Congrats on your well-earned retirement.

Dennis Roach: Job well done.

Yesenia: Thank you for your time and wish you the best with your family and plans you have. God bless you😀

Rebecca Scarborough: Enjoy your retirement! We’ll miss you.

John Binick: For 30 years as a resident of Houston, I have enjoyed your professional, insightful and unbiased reporting. The ability to relate to your viewers has been the cornerstone of your success! Enjoy life!

Gerald Mansell: Mr. Archer Congratulations on your impending retirement. Please keep your schedule in retirement as far as sleeping habits. My wife and I will mis your reporting every day. I hope you enjoy every minute!

Rosemary Snyder: Hey Phil, I’ve been watching you for the last 30 odd years & I think you are great at your (old) job. I wish you the best in retirement. Take it easy & enjoy yourself, go see more of beautiful America.

Mona M: You quickly became a trusted news source when I moved to Houston 25 years ago. Steady, solid and reliable. Who knew you could miss someone you never actually met in person?! Enjoy the next phase

Marla: We watched you for the 10 years we were there Phil and I wish a big congratulations on your next journey through life!!! I can still hear your voice!

Gilbert Herrera: I have seen you change over the years, but one thing stayed the same, and that was the way you gave the news and that’s detailed truth and to the point. You will be missed and Happy Retirement!

Robbin Nelson: Thank you Mr. Archer for giving us news we can count on! We wish you well! Robbin N. and Family

Richard Rodriguez: Phil, I am very happy for you. Enjoy your retirement and your family. GOD bless and keep you safe. Congratulations! Take care.

Tammy James-Mitchell: Enjoy your retirement. However, we still would like to see you out and about the city. Your services have been truly appreciated. Happy Retirement!!! Tammy from Fresno Tx

Mike Schell: All the best, Phil. You will be greatly missed.

Rebecca Wade: Thanks for chasing the stories of Houston for the last 45 years. I’m going to miss your great reporting! Have a wonderful retirement.

Judi: Good luck on your retirement! You did Houston proud & we enjoyed your coverage of a variety of issues & events over the years!

Kathy Murdock: Thank you for your years of reporting. May you and your family enjoy your retirement 🙏

Rosalie Bates: We in central Brazoria County have been without land line phone service since the night if the big freeze. Many have no service.

Jack Blackburn: Phil, Best wishes to you in your new adventure ahead. I’ve watched you for many years and always enjoyed your reporting. We will miss you at KPRC, but you will never be forgotten.

S Emmerton: Enjoy retirement! Keep busy & active. Find something that you enjoy. Have fun! Make new friends & keep the old ones. One is Silver & the other ones are Gold! Enjoy!

Marilu Ballow: Thank you for your years with us. May you have a long retirement with all the things you enjoy!!!

Paula Schoppe: I always enjoy your reports each weekday. Make the most of your retirement!

Dave: Been watching you since I first moved to Houston in 1982. Great career and excellent journalism! Thank you, sir!

Dave Owens: Thank you Phil for all your great Reporting and for helping me decide which news channel to follow when I moved here 10 years ago from Idaho! You will be missed!

Suzette K Reyes: Good luck Phil - we will be missed by all of Houston - enjoy time with your family, loved ones and friends.

Brenda Priess: You have given us years of professional journalism and have watched you & appreciate your true reporting & heartfelt concern for your listeners. Hope to see you around town but enjoy your retirement!

Pat Hopkins: You are a mainstay in my local news, Phil. I so admire your clarity and no-nonsense reporting. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Best of luck!

Jeanne Martin: Thank you for your years of service and great reporting!!! Enjoy your retirement!

Jennie van Wagner: Congratulations Phil!! I have enjoyed watching you report throughout the years. You have always been a true professional! Best Wishes!

Bruce Parker: Dear Phil, I have enjoyed your reporting for years and years and wish you a Long & Happy Retirement!!!

Jerry Davis: Wishing you a Great Retirement. Have been watching you since 1979.

Dorothy Cox: Have yourself a wonderful retirement. You will be missed.

Robert Quarles: Phil, an old cop named Mike Howard used to tell me a great story about a young news reporter who once left his camera behind at a scene, only to come back and get it later! Glad you did! Will miss ya.

Shannon Provost: Best wishes to you on the next step of your journey. You have always been the bright point of the news for me. I will miss you dearly. Enjoy your much-deserved time off.

Sandra: I hope you enjoy a well-deserved retirement and wish you all the best.

Linda Saner: Hi Phil, you have always been one of the best newscasters in the business! Enjoy your retirement!

Roger McGrew: God Bless your path forward in your retirement, I’ve enjoy watching channel 2 news for many years

Tammy Viera: When you hear his voice, you automatically know its him. So distinctive and caring. Wishing you all the very best. Tammy

Gayla Shimek: All the BEST to you Phil on your retirement. Thanks for all the hard work reporting the news stories. ENJOY yourself!!! It is well deserved!!!

Sondra Lockard: Have enjoyed your work all these years - you will be missed greatly - have a wonderful retirement!

Victoria: Thank You for all your years Phil Archer. I hope retirement is good for you. I loved watching you on the news since I was a year old and now, I’m 18 and going to college so thank you so much!!

Monica Cortez: Thank you for all the great news coverage. Best wishes in your retirement you’ve earned it!!!

Janet Conard-Alston: Congratulations Phil! You have always giving us insightful news that we needed as we went through our day! Many Blessing to you and family as you start a new chapter in your life! Thank you again!

Joyce Cooley: Best wishes for a happy retirement! Hopefully you will not disappear totally from Channel 2, but rather return for special occasions.

Gerry Burns: Phil, it won’t be the same without you. Your unique news casting style will truly be missed. Enjoy the next and hopefully best chapter of your life and thank you for your tireless service

Betty Boxx: Thank you Phil for your service good or bad. I will and everyone else will miss your reporting. I have been watching KPRC for 40 years!

Terri Ibison: My family and I are going to miss seeing you every night on our favorite news station. We still miss Bill, and now you. You sure knew how to bring us the news. Enjoy your retirement.

Mary Jonas: Phil you have a very happy retirement. You will be missed!

Sonya Winters: Wishing you all the best in your retirement. Thank you for all you have done. You will be missed.

Stan Gartside: Phil, I have always enjoyed your reports and the integrity of your coverage. I hope your retirement is on your schedule after 45 years of scrambling to meet others. Congrats and good luck!

Sue Lambie: Thank you, Phil, for all you have given to Houston. I was honored to meet you at an incident on the street where I live several years ago. You were very professional and concerned about all involved.

Priscilla Cresap: Dear Phil, you will be greatly missed. I will never forget the time you were in a boat after hurricane Harvey. You rescued a dog that was very close to drowning. Bless you for that!

Bonnie Mineo: Thank you for your great broadcasting! Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement.

Richard Wilson: Phil, thanks for being one of the few reporters whose words people could depend on for truth instead of promotion of political positions. Seriously, thanks, and have a great retirement.

Meçhelle Richardson: Enjoy your retirement and have fun doing it.

Maria Orosco: Hope you have a full and happy retirement. Grew up in Houston listening to your reports. Well wishes.

Rick: God bless, guide, and protect you sir.

Don O’Neil: Phil, I remember watching your coverage of Katrina from N.O., standing in water on Canal. I thought what a dedicated person to risk getting there.

Bettie Grissom: How do you say in words to someone who has put so much joy in your life by smiling. Feel you will be really missed. Have a wonderful retirement.

Melissa and Tommy Bennett: We’ve been watching Channel 2 News since 1987 and have welcomed Phil into our home via our television. He’s like family. Really hate to see him go, but wish him well in his retirement. Enjoy!!!

Michelle Merriman: Thank you Phil for all of the great stories you brought into our homes. Enjoy! Retirement is awesome!

Susan Wick: Thank you Phil for being a great reporter and a great man! Happy Retirement!!

Lisa: Best wishes for a blessed retirement

Jerry Beatty: Best of luck Phil!! I have watched you for nearly 30 years and you have always been a professional and represented the story with integrity, a true journalist. You will be missed, enjoy retirement!!

Mark Williams: Congratulations on your well-earned retirement. We lose a fine, trustworthy reporter but we gain the opportunity of spending more riding time w/ you on the horse trails.

Gary E Parks: Phil- Not only have I enjoyed your tremendous reporting skills; I was privileged to have you pilot my small airplane out of the air strip in Brookshire many years ago. Enjoy your retirement Gary.

Elizabeth Davila: Wishing you well in your retirement Mr. Archer. I will always remember all your good reports, especially during the flood and you saved a dog that was then named Archer. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Joanie Rincon: Thank you Phil for your years of reporting in Houston. Your reporting has always been relevant and trustworthy, and I truly appreciate that! Best wishes for a long and happy retirement!

Monica Fernamdez: Thank you Sir for being a respectful, reputable gentleman. For all the years of great information and being in our homes every night through the news. May you be blessed and well. Enjoy your retirement.

Larry Williams: Wish all reporters were as good and fair as you have been, enjoy your retirement and you will be mussed.

Connie Litteer: He has been a mainstay at Click 2Houston. I always liked to hear what he reported on each evening. He was always a true journalist, stating the facts and not giving his opinion. Happy Retirement!

Sandy Hill: GOD Speed Mr. Archer

Erica: Thank you for your service to our city, you will be missed! Have a wonderful retirement, you have earned it!

Kim Krueger: Wow, 45 years! I’ve been watching since we got here in 1987. I wish you and your family many blessings for a happy and healthy retirement. Thank you for serving the Houston community all these years.

Barbara B: Wishing you all the best, Phil. We have aged together gracefully! I have always appreciated your in-depth reporting.

Juanita Vislocky: What a class act! Reliable, trustworthy, and always a will be hard to fill. good luck and thank you for years of great service to all of us!

Kelly Hackett: Thanks for all you’ve done for the City of Houston and beyond! Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement!

Paul Philips: Thanks for all you did sir been watching you on the air my entire life. Since you started in Houston. Best wishes

Guyla Laird: You’ve always been my favorite news reporter! Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it!

Roy and Janet Dougherty: Mr. Archer, my family and I have enjoyed your reporting for the past 25 years. Thank you for keeping us informed on the local news stories! You will be missed greatly!

Jackie Farris: Happy Retirement Phil. Well-deserved, I’m sure. I have watched you and Chanel 2 for many years. You will be missed but best of luck on your retirement.

Jose & Priscilla Charriez: Phil, you are a true professional. You always delivered the news that you reported with integrity. I enjoy your retirement you have earned it. Take care.

MARY SUSAN Watkins: PHIL... wow time flies! I have watched you as well as many others on channel 2 for a lot of years, and you have always done a fine job! i wish you the very best in your retirement!

Dave Craft: Thank you for 45 years of outstanding reporting. It’s been a pleasure to have you come into our home and share the news with us good wishes in your next 45 years

Nancy Hopkins: Happy Retirement well deserved, enjoy it. It is wonderful.

Judy McCann: Thanks for 45 years of hard work and enlightenment. I’ll always have place in my heart for Channel 2. Have fun in retirement.

Melissa Serna: Happy retirement I’m going to miss you I’ve already enjoyed watching you. I wish you the absolute best in the future. I would never of known you served 45 years you look so young

Jo Ellen Atkins: Wishing you the best! Have watched you for years. You will love retirement.

Mary Dawson: Best wishes for a happy retirement! You deserve it! We’ll sure miss you and your news reporting!

Arthur Luis: Happy Retirement! Thanks for all the years of hard work! God Bless and enjoy your time off sir!

Amy: Some rest for the best! I hope your next phase in life is a long and happy one!

Helen Dugand: Best wishes on your retirement. We have enjoyed your reporting and smile for all these years.

Mary Lofaro: Good luck on your retirement Phil. We will miss you!! I’ll never forget when you and your crew saved that dog from drowning during Harvey. If I remember correctly, they named the dog after you!!

Marylee Olson: Phil. You have been such a part of our lives! We are native Houstonians ... 60 years old. Thank you for getting us through IT ALL! Happy Retirement! Paul n Marylee Olson Pearland.

Brenda Elizondo: I miss seeing you on tv. When I lived in Houston I was waiting for your good stories. You will be miss. Enjoy your retirement.

Gus Rangel: Phil my family and I would like to thank you for all the years of news. May you have a safe, enjoyable and blessed retirement. From the Rangel family.

Nicholas Nilson: HAPPY RETIREMENT PHIL Archer!!! You will be missed I will miss you watching you always reporting the news.

Rosa: Thanks for the continuous coverage. Enjoy retirement!

Bill and Susan Lewis: You have been a constant source of accurate unbiased news for Houston. We are going to miss you terribly. You do deserve to retire when you still can. Enjoy this new phase of your life!

Jenny Moore: Phil, thank you for always reporting honestly, kindly and with incredible professionalism. I will always remember you rescuing that sweet dog during Harvey! Go forth and relax!

Tracy Murphy: Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done all of these years, you sir are what all reporters need to learn from! You will be missed! I wish the best in all your future Endeavors.

Trish Sneed: Thank you for dedication and service in providing excellent news reporting and coverage. May God bless you as you begin your new journey in life. We will miss you! ❤️

Carroll McCullough: Thank You for all the great reporting. Enjoy your retirement

Paula Shock: Congratulations on your retirement. I have enjoyed your reports for all your 45 years, especially the reports from your horse on the Salt Grass Trail Ride.

Dot Lewis: For 45 years, I can only imagine the variety of news you have repotted. May God bless your retirement years and any future endeavors. Joe & Dot, NW Houston

Carol Brantley: You will be missed! Enjoy Retirement!

Tom Sullivan: Thank you for keeping us in the know all these years. All the best to you in your retirement.

Birdie: We will miss you, but. Like us, retirement is Great. The Selks.

Deb McBride: Wishing you happy retirement. Enjoy sleeping late, no mandatory meetings, no more chasing the story. You deserve the best life has to offer!

Jacqueline Puls: Congratulations on your retirement from a job well done! Enjoy!

Don Thomas: Best of luck to you in the future. We will miss seeing your reports.

Martha: Thanks for the many years of sharing the news with us in our homes. Have a great time enjoying that every day will be Saturday.

Nicole Morris: Thank You for bringing us the important news, things that matter. Most of all the truth. Happy Retirement and you will be truly missed.

Bárbara Wolf Lynn Grice: Congratulations on your retirement! Have loved watching you on the news since you got here. Always professional, reporting with integrity. A newsman’s newsman. Best wishes on your next chapter.

Sandy Yarbrough: SAY IT AINT SO, Phil!!!!! You’re Breaking’ my heart. You are the best. Thanks for growing old with me.

Gloria Rooney: Congratulations on your retirement - it is the best job you can have! I moved to Houston from Dallas in 1976, and you were on air then! You will be greatly missed.

John Streckfuss: Enjoyed sparring with you at the Bombay Bicycle Club. Bless your pea-picking’ heart and enjoy a great retirement!

Gwen Pryor: Best wishes Phil on your retirement! Best reporter Click 2 has. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement.

Coleen Armstrong: Phil, always thoroughly enjoyed your reporting. And always excited when we saw you here in Ft. Bend County! You are our celebrity!!! Wishing you the very best.

John Hutchison: Happy trails amigo.

Arthur Abel Valdez: Good Luck and God Bless. Phil you did a terrific job and the others will hard pressed to get to the journalism standard you set. I met you being 43 years ago in 1978 at Moody Park Riot. I was HPD.

Sylvia Guzman: Congratulations Phil on your retirement. Your contributions to KPRC are well known and appreciated by the viewers in Houston and surrounding areas for over 45 years. Significant accomplishment!!!

Alison Picheloup: Enjoy your GOLDEN years! I’ve enjoyed your reporting for all your career in Houston! 3 cheers for Phil!