‘With me the entire time:’ Freeport police chief draws strength from Officer Abigail during his COVID-19 fight

FREEPORT, Texas – Many members of law enforcement have contracted COVID-19 since the pandemic began in March. Over the weekend, Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey became one of them.

Garivey was hospitalized Saturday when he developed pneumonia. He remained in the hospital for five days. His doctors released him on Wednesday so he could recover at home.

You may remember Garivey from his connection with a beloved little girl named Abigail Arias.

Remembering Officer Abigail Arias

In February 2019, the chief made Abigail an honorary police officer. The pair then began a friendship that captured the hearts of many in the Houston area. Abigail passed away later that year.

Garivey continues to keep her legacy alive. He said he felt Abigail was with him as he battled COVID-19.

“Baby girl was with me the entire time,” Garivey said.

The chief is recovering at home and will return to work later this month.