Bells for Abigail: Celebrating Abigail Arias one year after she was sworn in as an honorary Freeport police officer

FREEPORT, Texas – February 7 will always be a special day for the city of Freeport’s Police Department for Abigail Arias’ family.

Exactly one year to the day, the little cancer fighter became an honorary Freeport police officer, inspiring law enforcement and cancer fighters all over the world.

At just 7 years old, Officer 758 passed away in November, following a tireless battle with cancer. But her legacy lives on in a big way.

Abigail’s life and legacy were honored with a special tribute at the Freeport Police Department on Friday morning.

The organization “Saving A Hero’s Place” built a special Honor Chair in Abigail’s memory that will be placed inside the Freeport Police Department for years to come.

Honor Chairs are custom-built and given to law enforcement agencies all over the country to ensure their fallen first responders are honored and never forgotten.

On Abigail’s chair, her iconic phrase “Stay Relentless” is written on the cross rails, along with her police badge flanked by two llamas, which were her favorite animal. On the top panel it reads “New Chief Abigail Arias” followed by her end of watch date: Nov. 5, 2019.

Honor Chair for Abigail Arias. (KPRC)

During the Honor Chair presentation, a spokesperson for the organization read aloud to Abigail:

“Your place in the Freeport Police Department will always be saved. We thank you for being a hero to those who walk the thin blue line. We will take it from here.”

Abigail’s family was touched by the emotional tribute.

“It’s amazing. Just that people still talk about her, still remember her and what she had done while she was here on earth is just amazing,” said Abigail’s dad, Ruben.

The beautiful token was unveiled in front of dozens of law enforcement officers, friends and loved ones of little Abigail, including a brave little cancer fighter named Brianna who Abigail never got to meet, but will forever share a connection.

KPRC 2 first introduced Brianna during the launch of the station’s "Bells For Abigail” series two weeks ago.

At just 5-years-old, Brianna got to ring the end-of-treatment remission bell at Texas Children’s Hospital in January after a long battle with leukemia. It was the same hospital where Abigail received treatment during her years-long battle with cancer.

Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey honored the brave fight of little Brianna during Friday’s ceremony and thanked Abigail for continuing to inspire other little cancer fighters.

“She continues to give and inspire from the heavens,” Garivey said. “One year later, look around this room, she continues to inspire people all over.”

You can upload of your little cancer fighter rining bells below:

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