5 things for Houstonians to know for Tuesday, Nov. 3

Here are things to know for Tuesday, Nov. 3:

1. COVID-19, taxes, education and more: Comparing President Trump, Biden side by side

Election Day is here, and President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have spent much of their time frantically crossing the country in search of undecided votes.

But as the election winds down, how do the candidates compare to one another? How are they different and how are they similar?

Here are where the candidates stand on key issues, according to the Washington Post.

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2. Election Day guide: Everything you need to know before heading to the polls Nov. 3

The Harris County Clerk has set up a “frequently asked questions” section on HarrisVotes.com where you can get lots of answers to common voting questions.

Here are some of the most-asked questions about voting and the answers to each of them.

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3. Drive-thru voting locations to be limited to Toyota Center only in Harris County on Election Day

A federal judge issued an order to uphold Harris County drive-thru voting but stated that the tents being used to house most drive-thru voting centers will not qualify as “buildings,” which are required for Election Day polling locations.

Instead of 10 drive-thru locations, the Toyota Center will be the only drive-thru voting center available in Harris County on Election Day because of the new order.

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4. How to make sure your mail-in ballot is counted in Texas

The COVID-19 pandemic and concerns over safety at polling places are causing more people to send in ballots via mail this year.

In turn, due to cutbacks with the United States Postal Service that could cause delays, and the fact that mail-in ballots can take longer to count, there are additional fears for many over whether their ballots will be received and counted in time.

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5. Here are some Election Day freebies, discounts and deals to look out for

Besides deciding on the next president, voting has some other perks. You may want to take advantage of some of those Election Day deals Tuesday.

Here are some discounts and deals voters can look out for after they’ve done their civic duty.

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